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Thursday Accountability

B:  2 eggs, 2 pcs bacon, some pineapple
L:  chili with some wheat crackers and shredded cheese, pineapple
S:  piece of cake at work BBQ (I was mixed up yesterday)
D:  Chopped Chicken and Brussels Sprouts Salad (LINK)

E:  hopefully some type of workout, but we'll see.  right after work I have to rush to the store to get some groceries before everyone buys EVERYTHING due to an ice storm coming in overnight...  then I have to teach lessons and cook dinner, so it's a busy night!

Re: Thursday Accountability

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    I've gained the last two weeks...not particularly happy about that because I don't think I've been eating more than normal. Le sigh...

    B: Coffee

    L: Leftover chili or a sandwich

    D: Salad, Spaghetti, and Apple Pie for dessert at my parent's house. Grandparents and aunts and uncles will be in town for dinner so we're having a big get-together.

    E: Cleaning counts right? I accomplished most of my goals yesterday. Here's what I have left.

    - Wipe down kitchen counters and mop kitchen floor

    - Clean master and guest bathrooms and mop floors

    - Sweep out garage

    I think that's everything I have. I need to make a grocery store run and get my car washed. BF is supposed to do all of our overdue yard work today.

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