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St Thomas Destination Wedding....Advice, please :)

Does anyone have any feedback working with Marriott Frenchmans Reef and Morning Star Resort?  Looking at this venue to have our destination wedding.  Or any other spots that you've found that you like there?  Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!!

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Re: St Thomas Destination Wedding....Advice, please :)

  • I'm no help!

    My only advise is to remember that one persons experience may be vastly different than yours.  When I was reading the reviews for the resort for my wedding - several people had stated that they would never stay there again and that it was terrible... but several people that I personally knew had visited there and gave it glowing reviews.   I was nervous about booking, and wasn't quite sure what to expect when we arrived - but I was pleasantly surprised!  I loved my hotel, as did all our guests.  One persons experience doesn't reflect everyone!

    Good luck planning!
  • We had planned our whole wedding there, and I was so super excited about it. Due to FI's family being butt heads, we ended up canceling it and going with a small thing a few hours from home and then taking our honeymoon to St. Lucia. 

    The wedding planner on site that we talked with was so incredibly helpful, and nice and available. Basically we cancelled because we reserved a block for the wedding (they have an all inclusive option too, so don't let them tell you they don''s just not widely known). and FI's mother told everyone not to book through it because we didn't get anything out of it...except that if we didn't fill it we had to pay for the rooms that were left. We were so pissed, and his brother and his wife were being butts about the whole thing and they only wanted breakfast, not the other meals. 

    I suppose long story short, I would have my wedding there if it wasn't for the mess from FI's family. Any other questions, I'd love to help. 
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