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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Ladies! I need your help: what do I get my bridesmaids? My one bridesmaid has been in a bunch of weddings and I want to get her something new and different, that is not going to be all too expensive – because I have six girls total.

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So far I have gotten them: comfy kicks for the reception (and hopefully other occasions!), a heart compact, a makeup bag with a monogram of their first initial, a bag to put it all in (and I was planning on ironing on their initials).


I was thinking of adding a cute wine bottle opener I saw at Francesca’s and a bottle of wine for each of them. I was also think of a travel coffee mug with monogram initals filled with Hershey Kisses and a note thanking each of them for their help and what their friendship has meant to me.


-What do you think? What can I add that I have not already that would be cute?

Re: Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

  • I think your gifts are all thoughtful, generous, and considerate.  I don't know that you need to add a single thing more.
  • If you decide to add something else, make it personal - coffee mug for the coffee drinker, wine stopper for the wine lover, book for the reader, sketch pad for the artist, etc. 

  • thanks ladies! :)


    And Southernbelle - that's a great idea! I have an artist, wine drinker, and coffee drinker in the mix so that is a nice way of personalizing it!

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