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Anyone have experience with buying alcohol on consignment before?!

Where did you purchase from. How much did you buy for how many ppl?

Then did you return the liquor that was unopen and they just priced per what you used or opened? 


Re: Anyone have experience with buying alcohol on consignment before?!

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    The caterer I am working with for my wedding partners with a liquor store, and the alcohol would be on consignment. As it was explained to me, we choose how much of what we want to order and then they pack up any unopened alcohol at the end of the night, leaving us to keep anything bottles/boxes that are opened. We would then be charged the following day for only the alcohol we used/kept. Most liquor stores can help you decide how much of what kind of alcohol you should order. Your caterer might also be able to help. Ours gave us a sample order that was for a wedding of similar size to ours so we have an idea of what we'll need.

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    @cookie pusher do you know which store your caterer is teamed up with?
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    I don't know off the top of my head (I'm sure it's somewhere in the contract, which is at home). You can always call around to liquor stores near your venue and see if any of them sell on consignment.


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    thank you!
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