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Morning, ladies! Did everyone have a good weekend? I've missed you guys! I only worked on Tuesday last week and I'm not sure if that makes today easier or harder. I had a nice extra long weekend though! 

While I was off I: 

--Got my hair cut and colored. It's about 6 inches shorter and I'm now a brunette.
--Saw Catching Fire. It was SO FREAKING GOOD and I can't wait to see it again already.
--Watched way too much Grey's Anatomy.
--Started watching Breaking Bad with H. We're only about 4 episodes in but I'm digging it.
--Ate all the things.
--Had a boozy brunch day with @buddysmom80 and @hummingbird125. Drunk is an understatement.

ETA: I can't believe Thanksgiving is in 3 days and Christmas is in 1 month. Where does the time go?!


Re: Monday

  • hiya! Sounds like loads of fun.

    H and I painted more and hope to finish this section of the house tonight. That is basically all that I did this weekend. Well I watched a lot of Parenthood on Netflix.
  • This weekend went by way too fast, and so far Monday is sucking the big one.

    Friday I cleaned parts of my house and organized stuff for Thanksgiving.

    Saturday was boozy brunch with @swazzle and @hummingbird125 which is a blur. All I remember is that I had an awesome time, like always.

    Sunday was more cleaning of the house, grocery shopping and I baked a cake. The rest of the day I felt like I was going to be sick so I layed in bed and watched football.

    Holy crap, Christmas is a month away!!!! This year went by way too fast!

    @tuarceatha we have to paint our hallway next, we're just trying to find a weekend where we're not both busy, probably after the holidays.

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    @buddysmom80 - I miss you already.

    @LivLeighton - Do you have any dishes in mind yet? I can't imagine doing all of the cooking, I would be so overwhelmed! How's the tattoo doing? I bought the Band-Aid stuff you told me about and after 1 day my nose was 100% healed. I don't know why I didn't listen to you sooner! 

  • @bubbles053009 Ugh I do not miss the cold of up north. I'm currently wearing my coat on my lap and drinking hot cocoa because my office is wicked cold today. (I'm in DC.)

    @Buddysmom80 H wants to finish painting after work today. Which is fine with me. I think we can do it using the technique we started this weekend. Last week, we put up painters tape and had to take it all down because we didn't get as far as we hoped and worried it would rip more paint off. For the one wall we painted last week with the tape. The stupid tape pulled up strips of old paint. H said he must've sealed it too tight. This weekend we just used edger brushes and drop clothes and were good to go.
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    I had a fabulous weekend. 

    Saturday "brunch" with @Swazzle and @buddysmom80 turned into about 6 hours of barhopping - I'm not sure at what point you can't call it brunch anymore, so it will just be "brunch". Lucky for me BF had to help friends of our move all day, so I got driven INTO and OUT of the city. On the drive home we were trying to figure out what to get for dinner, and all I wanted was McDonalds. Seriously. He wanted to go out for burgers someplace decent but I just wanted chicken nuggets and a ton of salty french fries. I didn't even regret it the next morning.

    Sunday we stayed in bed until about 2pm, then I went food shopping and BF did some work. I made the best BBQ wings I've ever made, and we watched "Burning Love" on the computer, and then Homeland. 

    Today I get to stay home ALL DAY and clean this place up. I also need to figure out a dessert and breakfast item to make for Thanksgiving that I can make a day or two in advance and that will travel well.
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  • I have NEVER been so happy that it's Monday ever...

    Because I start my new job at 10am today!!!

    My weekend was good.  Involved cleaning, snuggling, some light shopping, and watching the Hunger Games.  Then yesterday, we went out to dinner for my brother's BF's birthday.

    It was a fun weekend.
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    @Hummingbird125 - I'm not sure if I didn't tell H that I was on my way or if I just drunkenly went to the wrong stop but when I got off the Path, he wasn't there so I went and got pizza and then called him and was all "I'm here, why aren't you?!" Shit. Show.

    @LivLeighton - I hate the peely stage. I can't wait for you to go back too! 

    @loves2shop4shoes - Good luck today!

  • @LivLeighton I'm not a tattoo person at all, and I is in love with your new one! So beautiful.

    @Loves2shop4shoes Best of first days to you!

    @Swazzle @Buddysmom80 and @hummingbird125 Your G2Gs seem epic. Yay for local NEYers.
  • @love2shop4shoes good luck with the new job today.

    I definitely needs more weekend. It went by way too fast.  Friday night I had to be at the theater, FI came by to help out and saw the show it was so good and so funny.  Saturday I went to visit 2 florists, and I one of the ones I met with I'm going to call today to book her.  I'm so excited.  Yay flowers. The rest of the day I cleaned and played Scrabble with FI.

    Yesterday I went flower girl dress shopping with my niece, she loved trying on the dresses She found a dress she really even though I didn't like it too much I want her to have a dress she loves. Then I went back to her house to hang out and play for a bit.  The rest of the day I hung out with FI. We relaxed and watched football then Walking Dead. 

    This morning we moved buildings so I spent most of the most unpacking and resituating myself.  I can't wait to have my family over for Thanksgiving!!!


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    @Swazzle - At least you made it back to the state of NJ without a problem - If I remember correctly, you said you just needed to get to "anywhere in New Jersey" and you'd be ok. Mission accomplished.

    So, this morning, right before BF left for work, his crazy coworker called him (the one who I think has a crush on him and who he's since found out is seriously addicted to adderall and other pills) and told him that her dad had just had a heart attack, she thinks she has to move back to California for a while, and she might have to quit this job. She was hysterical on the phone, BF could hardly understand her. I'd feel terrible if I'm wrong, BUT I don't believe her. I think she's just a complete mess and realizes she can't hold down a job, and this is her backup plan - to make everyone feel sorry for her and cut her some slack while she figures out wtf to do. Anyways, she said she called BF because she couldn't get in touch with their boss, and wanted someone to know why she wasn't in the office. Um - isn't that what email or voicemail is for?

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    This weekend was too fast :\

    Friday we went out with some friends to see Catching Fire...unfortunately ALL the showings were sold out, so we decided to walk over to a bar and drink instead.

    Saturday, the BF and I went to see "Delivery Man" with Vince good. It made me tear up a little. We did some Christmas shopping at the mall. The BF was nice enough to buy me the dress I've been wanting for NYE; we're going to a Masquerade Ball downtown :) Then we came home and watched MIB and passed out.

    Sunday was a lazy day. I barely got off the couch. We went to Meijer's to pick up some wrapping paper and wrapped presents until midnight.

    I'm just thankful this week is a 2 day week for me. Tomorrow is my friday!
  • @Swazzle - I want to see a pic of your new hair!

    @LivLeighton - You're going to have a spectacular Thanksgiving! I've cooked on my own before and it's not so bad. I usually do a lot of my chopping and measuring the night before so the day of all I really have to do is throw things together and stick them in the oven. Saves a lot of time and mess so you can actually enjoy your company!

    Saturday I went with a few girlfriends to see Catching Fire. We all liked it better than the first! They also had a preview for Divergent and I'm so excited. I've been reading like crazy and now i'm almost 1/2 way through the 3rd book!

    Then my bestie and I went to brunch and did some outlet mall shopping. I found a couple options for my work holiday excited about that.

    Yesterday H and I went to breakfast and then had an relaxing day at home. It was nice to chill out before the work week starts. Yay for only 2.5 workdays this week though!

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    This weekend was kind of great. We had my family Thanksgiving on Saturday since I work on Thanksgiving. Lots of good and yummy was had. Sunday we put up our Christmas tree which was super great to share with FI. However, late Saturday FI got a text from his boss saying he needed him for a 7:30 a.m. shoot this morning so he had to leave Sunday night, however it ended up being ok because we had a romantic dinner on the floor of my bedroom. 

    One of my roommates had left a carved pumpkin in our living room from the Halloween party she threw that I wasn't even there for. It was super gross so we didn't wanna eat in there. Put a blanket down on my floor, sat on pillows, had mac and cheese and champagne and he put on a candle app on his iPad. It was adorable because after we ate, we just kept toasting each other with cute things, getting tipsy and then having sexy times.

    Also on Sunday, my dad surprised me with a necklace my grandmother in Michigan gave him when he last visited. It was a small diamond cross necklace that he had given her when he had gotten his first paycheck from the Coast Guard years and years ago. She had kept it and wanted me to have it. I think I'll be wearing it on my wedding day. :)

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  • @loves2shop4shoes - Squeee!  Good luck, girl!

    This weekend went by way too fast.  Unfortunately, I worked several hours on Saturday and all day on Sunday.  It sucked.  At least this week will *hopefully* be short.  I swear, if someone makes me come into the office on Thursday or Friday I'm going to punch something.

    Saturday I did drag H to Catching Fire.  I loved it...him, meh.

  • @Swazzle, so glad your nose is healed! I don't know why that stuff is magical, but it is. I'm so happy I bought it on a whim. 

    The tattoo is doing great. It's just entering the "peely" phase and I'm hoping that will be done in a few days as it's a bit itchy. It looks awesome though, and I'm so excited to go back on Dec. 12 for the next round. I am honestly disappointed that it is so freezing out because I want to show off my ink and I'm bundled up in sweaters.

    And yes, I have all the dishes in mind, but I might slightly modify them so I can do some preparation ahead of time over the next few days. My parents are understanding that it might not be the same huge spread as usual (it went down some last year because I didn't have Mo to help prep) and B doesn't care as long as he has mashed potatoes. I also broke down and hired a cleaner to come on Wednesday to take one thing off my list. 
    yay!!!!  my cleaner is coming today because H's fam will be coming in town tomorrow or Wed (not sure yet).  I'm glad you were able to find one!  :)
  • we had two winter storm systems move in over the weekend.  Friday I left work at 1 PM because it was getting icy.  yesterday, I didn't leave the house once!!  it was really nice.  we cooked breakfast, watched 2 Christmas movies, laid in front of the fire, made homemade flour tortillas and then ate carnitas tacos (YUM!), baked up some homemade dog treats, did a half hour work-out, and I ended the night watching a movie and ironing for 3 hours.  the dogs had fun sliding and playing on the icy back porch, and H stayed in his PJs ALL DAY.  it was great!!

    I only work today and tomorrow this week, so it's a short week.  H's family is coming in town this week.  I have a cleaner coming today so I am SO EXCITED about that.  H wants to have me pay a cleaner to come out 4x a year to help us out.  sounds like a good idea to me!
  • Hey ladies!  This weekend was a mixed bag for me. 
    Both days I tried to do some writing, which was good, but not as much as I should have. 
    Saturday we didn't do a whole lot else, but we did go to the grocery store, so yay! Sunday we watched football, secured an apartment in MD (moving Dec 29th!!), and put up our tiny Christmas tree, so also yay!
    We stayed up kinda late watching the Broncos game, and then I couldn't fall asleep. . . then I started thinking about how I have wasted so much time in the last 6 years being sad or stressed out b/c of school and pushing DH away during those times and not enjoying our life while we're young. . . which led to me crying silently next to him for 30 minutes while he slept. Eventually I fell asleep too, but I am so tired and emotional today. 
    DH is going home for Thanksgiving tomorrow and I'm staying here for the final push with writing my thesis. I hope I don't completely lose my mind/break down. ::deep breaths:: 
  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    It was a weekend all right!

    I finished up the blue variant of the Doctor Who scarf (based on season 13) for BF's coworker. I have fringe to do, but the bulk of the work is done. I also got the first half of my Norwegian snowflake scarf done, and I picked up the needles for the matching hat. We put up the Christmas tree yesterday, and it is beautiful, but it needs more ornaments. The old tree was smaller, and even that looked like it didn't have enough on it. I must get shatterproof glitter-free ornaments this week.

    Otherwise ... I'm hoping to leave work at noon Wednesday. I was promised a half day Wednesday and all day Friday, but right now I don't think I'm going to be getting it. BF and I are spending Thanksgiving with my family since his family isn't doing anything this year for the holiday. We're already planning our Black Friday shopping trip, but I won't go out before midnight because I think it's ridiculous that the stores are opening Thanksgiving night and I won't take part in that.
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    I finally didn't have to work all weekend, so that was fun! 

    Saturday we caught up on some DVRed stuff, and then our friends had an early holiday party. We all dressed in red & white, had some delicious food, amazing winter sangria (I need to get the recipe for sure, it was sooooo good), played some games, and had a little Secret Santa exchange. I got a $10 gift card for Dunkin, so I was happy!

    Here we are :)
    I also got Violet her own Christmas sweater, of course. 


    Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and then made a big breakfast for us. When we went to Cooperstown last weekend, we got a 1,000-piece puzzle of Fenway at the HOF Store, so we started putting that together. I had to take lots of breaks because my attention span demands it. During one of our breaks, we went to see Catching Fire. I LOVED it, and so did BF. I actually thought it was way better done than Hunger Games. Then we came home, put together more of our puzzle (because we're 85, apparently), and watched the Patriots make an epic comeback to beat the Broncos. Never doubt Brady!! 

    BF's stepdad's mother passed away on Saturday (she's been sick for a while, and had been a huge PITA - they were waiting for her to go, and it's really a relief, but it's still sad, obviously.) So, BF has family in Maine too, about two hours South of where I grew up. We were going to go there for Thursday, and then head up to my family for the rest of the weekend. I haven't been home for Thanksgiving in 10 years, so everyone was really looking forward to it. Well, now, we'll go to his family in Maine for Thursday, and then go to Connecticut for the funeral on Saturday - meaning I won't get to see my family. I'm more upset that I haven't been home in six months, that I'm two hours away from my family for the second time (we went to see his family this summer too), and they make zero effort to come see me. It's really frustrating and a little hurtful. We'll go up to my family for Christmas, but it's just tough that I would never see my family if I didn't make the effort (and drive) to see them. End rant. 

    Anyway. Happy Monday!


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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    My weekend was long and exhausting and absolutely wonderful. The RD was on Friday and everything about it was incredible! The groom's mom and step-mom arranged everything and it could have been a wedding in itself! There was an open bar, catered dinner, a band...the only thing missing was a photographer. The only stressful part of the day for me was work kept interrupting. I tried to take a vacation day and all day long I kept getting emails and phone calls because one guy was super concerned about a non-disclosure getting signed. I was concerned about it too but there was nothing I could do personally and I really wanted him to just leave me alone.

    Saturday was WEDDING DAY! I was up really early to go and pick up coffee for my sister and my mom. Then, me, @southernpeach89, and the other bridesmaids all left to get our hair did. After that we went to the venue, hung out and got buzzed on champagne for awhile. The photographer arrived soon after so we took a bunch of pictures and then it was nearly wedding time!!! The ceremony was so gorgeous and I didn't feel the cold at all because of the adrenaline in my system. When my dad walked up the aisle with my sister I got super emotional because she was emotional. Then when the minister asked "Who gives the bride" my dad didn't respond like you normally would. He turns to Meghan and then Sean and starts to talk about loving each other each and every day. When I heard the emotion in his voice I completely just lost it and tears started falling down my face. And THEN he finally says "Her mother and I" and takes his seat. Thanks Dad... I didn't feel so bad about crying though...I'm pretty sure everyone else was too...

    After the ceremony we took more pictures and the venue sent us some refreshments from the cocktail hour. We had tomato bisque shooters with grilled cheese triangles and some other stuff that I didn't get to try. Then it was dinner and the reception. I thought I killed it on my MOH speech but I later realized that I never actually introduced myself...oh well. The rest of the reception was a blast! The DJ did a wonderful job and I think everyone had a really great time. My sister and her H got to leave in an antique Rolls Royce and they later stayed at the Ritz for their wedding night.

    After the wedding, BF and I went out with my aunt and uncle and a bunch of the wedding party to some downtown bars. We stayed out until around 2 am and my BF and uncle kept matching each other drink for drink. I stuck to mostly water and a couple of glasses of wine because I absolutely DID NOT want a hangover.

    Yesterday we had a brunch at my parent's house. All of the out-of-town family was invited along with my sister's in-laws. My sis and her H opened the boxed wedding gifts they received and we all watched a slideshow of pictures my BF took at the wedding with his DSLR. Then BF and I went home and I passed out on the couch until 11 when BF said it was time to go to bed. I feel sooooooooooo much better now that I've had some real sleep!

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @allusive007 - Apologies for the bathroom selfie! 

  • @swazzle - I love it! The shorter length is super cute on you! I've been wanting to go darker recently, but I've never died my hair and I'm a total chicken. My Stylist keeps trying to talk me into it...she calls me a "hair virgin" and I know she can't wait to get her hands on me if I ever decide to take the plunge!
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @allusive007 - Thank you! I used to have short hair forever and then I started letting it grow about 4 years ago. I'm glad to be back to short but it's a little rough having to style it when I'm used to doing nothing. 

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    Speaking of hair, I'm on day 12 of training my hair to be less oily by washing it every other day. I feel like I'm gonna save so much on shampoo and conditioner this way. I need to find someone with my exact hair type that can share their exact hair maintenance routine. Any one on here have thick, mostly straight/barely wavy, oily hair that they don't need to wash everyday?
  • @Swazzle You're hot. Don't ever stop it.
  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    @tuarceatha - My hair is probably pretty similar to yours. It's very thick and straight. I used to think it was oily, but ever since I started working from home about a year and a half ago, I stopped washing it every single day, and my hair is DEFINITELY healthier now. I usually use Garnier shampoo/conditioner for color-treated hair, but I've used a bunch of different products. I just use as little conditioner as possible, so that my hair doesn't get weighed down by it. I also tend to not use products in my hair except for on the weekends, because when I do, my hair feels "dirty" and I want to wash it the next day.
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  • @tuarceatha - I don't have your hair type, but last year I went from washing every day to washing every 2-3 days.  I don't use much shampoo, but I make sure to scrub with my finger pads thoroughly...  the agitation is what cleans the hair (much like a clothes washing machine).  I have very long, thin-ish, curly hair.  keep it up!
  • @Hummingbird125 I read that it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to notice a change after washing less often. I'm counting the weeks, but this is the first time (after several attempts to see if washing less helps with the oiliness) I've kept with it for almost 2 weeks. I usually feel like my hair is "dirty" and weighed down by 5pm each day. And I can't commit to another day of not washing it, but this time I'm okay with it. Mostly because I'm hopeful that I can see a change eventually.

    @CocoBellaF I realized a few weeks ago I haven't cut my hair since June and I thought of you. That is probably one of the longest periods of time I've gone without a haircut. I am cutting my own bangs though. So a partial haircut every other week or so.
    What are "finger pads"?
  • @tuarceatha - I haven't cut mine in 15 years!  I just condition all the time and it stays healthy.  :)

    finger pads...  like, I don't use my nails much, I use the pads of my fingers.  fingertips minus nails?  obviously, I use my nails a little bit, but mostly I use my finger pads/fingertips.  maybe I just used the wrong word.  my bad!
  • @tuarceatha - I haven't cut mine in 15 years!  I just condition all the time and it stays healthy.  :)

    finger pads...  like, I don't use my nails much, I use the pads of my fingers.  fingertips minus nails?  obviously, I use my nails a little bit, but mostly I use my finger pads/fingertips.  maybe I just used the wrong word.  my bad!
    ahhh That is totally the right word. I just didn't think hard enough when I read it. haha

    And your hair is gorgeous.
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