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WTF Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ladies - Or Happy Early Friday (if you are lucky like me and have the rest of the week off!)

I'll give everyone the option to either list your complaints for the week, share whether you are going out for black friday shipping (and for what?) or just put what you are thankful for!

Re: WTF Wednesday

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    WTF Work! I still have 2 website pages to write for client, 4 blog posts to write, an article to transcribe, and two people to interview. I was hoping to get everything done today so I wouldn't have t work the rest of the week, but I don't see that happening. 

    I am totally jealous of you @winogirl
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  • Work-very slow but keeping us here but this is my Friday!!!!!!
  • MY WTF - new work group vacation policy! I know I should have expected this - but since I'm brand new to my area all the other managers/team leads already have almost all the days surrounding the holidays the rest of the year off. That means I don't get to take any vacation until next year. Ugh. Not the worst thing in the world but frustrating as we usually try to take a week off in December to go on a cruise or something to get out of the frozen tundra for a while. Hopefully we can squeeze in hawaii or something in feb!

    I personally do not plan to go out for black friday shopping. maybe to my running store? they have a buy one get one sale on shoes and you can never have enough running shoes!! I hate crowds so black friday is pretty much hell wrapped in a nightmare wrapped in enough crazy stress to give me a stroke.

    AND I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, my awesome new job (even with the lack of vacation days available!) and the fact that we both have decent paying jobs that let us pay for all our bills, not worry where our next meal is coming from and still manage to take vacations every once in a while. 
  • Today is my Friday too!

    WTF Rehearsal Dinner location. Everything (including the menu) has been on lock down with them since October and I thought I had it totally checked off the list. Get an email from the Catering Manager today that says they have some "proposed changes" to the 12/7 menu but if I want to keep my original menu (that I have on contract) that's OK too. So I try to call and discuss (5 minutes after receiving the email) and I get VM and have sent a follow up email to see if we can connect today with no response so far. Really?!?!? Kind of worried that the meal is going to be jacked up now (especially since we had made a substitution to the "template" event menu) and am going to be chasing that down til it gets resolved. UGH.

    But on a more positive note:

    Thankful for so many loving friends and family that have supported us through various seasons of our life. I know we are so lucky to be surrounded by people that love us and truly want us to be happy without pushing a hidden agenda. Thankful for my sweet pups and especially for another Thanksgiving with Roxy. Thankful for our health and for the health of our parents---I know this is not something to take for granted,
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