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I chose two maids of honor - my best friend and sister. Neither of which will be in town before a month or less before the wedding. My mom, aunt, and grandmother won't be in town until a week before the wedding as all are currently living abroad. My fiance's family and my dad keep on asking who will be my point of contact person on our wedding day. Won't the venue wedding planners be sufficient in making sure all the vendors know where to go on the day-of? Has this been a problem for other people? 


  • To specify - my maid of honors won't be able to take on this task. Suggestions on who else I could chose would be helpful. 
  • Hire a DOC (day of coordinator) or a wedding planner if you really want to and can afford it.  Otherwise, I think the people at the venue should be enough.  If anyone needs to know or talk about anything further they can ask you or your FI.
  • Well, it's not your MOH's jobs to take on this task either. 

    Have you checked your contract or asked your venue about set up? Our caterer and venue events coordinator were pretty specific on what they will/wont do. Read your contract and then call and ask them what the deal is. Or yeah, if you feel the need to, look into hiring a DOC. But honestly, if you're not having an overly complicated wedding or a ton of set up, a DOC might not be worth it.

    What's your venue? If it's something like a country club or banquet hall, they've done this a million times. 
  • Check with your venue and see if they offer a DOC option, or at least someone from the venue who is going to be there supervising all day. 
  • A planner or coordinator should be handling this.  Most venues have a person that will be there to let in the vendors and tell them where to go.  If your venue doesn't have someone who would be able to do this, you'll have to hire someone.

    It wouldn't be right to ask a friend or family member to do this, regardless of whether they live in town.  
  • This task isn't your MOHs job.  Hire a day-of coordinator if you don't want the vendors asking you or your fiancé. 
  • Yeah, this is not a MOH "duty". Your venue will most likely have a person there for you that day handling things. If not, hire a wedding planner. 
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