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Engagement Announcement/Holiday Card Combo?

Hello ladies!

So I am recently engaged (proposal was on Thanksgiving-11/28/13). I would like to send an engagement announcement but I have a few questions first:

1-are they typically sent combined with an engagement party invite? (dont plan on having until beg of March?)

2-If it is appropriate to send PRIOR to the engagement party (again beg of March) is now too early to send?

3- If now is an OK time, is it cheesey to do a combined engagement announcement/holiday (Christmas) card?

I don't want to be cheesey or seem like I am putting my wedding before thinking of others on the holidays?! Any input/advice/suggestions are greatly welcomed.

Re: Engagement Announcement/Holiday Card Combo?

  • I think it would be fine to combine them and as long as you're engaged, its not too early to send an announcement.
  • I agree with PP and I'm sure you could come up with a really cute holiday card/announcement!
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    I wouldn't combine the two, honestly.  And why do you have to send out an engagement announcement?  My FI and I told all our VIPs in our lives on the phone or in person and then just made it "facebook official".
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    The only place I've ever seen engagement "announcements' is in the newspaper. If I got a printed engagement announcement, I'd be like, "Ummm, ok, great. Good for them." Have you not told anyone? Not changed your FB status yet? If you have, what is there really left to announce. You've already announced it. 

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  • I've only ever seen engagement announcements advertised on invitation sites where they are trying to get you to spend money when you don't have to. Physical engagement announcements are silly, in my opinion. 

    Just send your holiday cards. I can't imagine the people who matter don't already know you're engaged. 
  • If you are already planning on sending holiday cards, just send them out from the both of you. That's enough of an announcement. If you did this in the past then oh well, people will figure out you're engaged by word of mouth/facebook/ when they get the engagement party invite. I do think it'd be rude to send out announcements to people you don't intend to invite to the engagement part, and therefor the wedding. I'd just wait.

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  • Engagement parties typically occur within a shorter time of being engaged--1 month max IMO.  And TBH, I've never been to an engagement party that didn't seem gift grabby.  You don't HAVE to have an e-party.
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  • My FI and I are sending out engagement announcements with the Christmas card. His family is HUGE and scattered throughout the country so he doesn't see them very often.  We aren't inviting a lot of his side of the family to the wedding (simply because his side alone would be 150-200 people) and we don't want them to be shocked when the next time we see them its like "oh hey we got married" 
  • My FH and I sent out a picture Christmas card with 4 different pictures.  One of the pictures was my ring on an ornament hanging from the tree.
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