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bridal shower guest list.

I'm not sure if I wrote on here before about this, my mom and MOH are asking me for a guest list for the bridal shower, now I know it has to be my closest family and friends and my MIL and his grandma, do I have to invite my grooms aunt who lives down here? from what I hear her and my MIL are not on talking terms for whatever reason, I was thinking of inviting her, though my mom did invite her to our engagement party and she didn't come , said she forgot and if I do invite her do I have to invite his two girl cousins? . also I'm friends who some of his friends we worked together, do I have to invite them? I know I'm inviting two of the groomsmen girlfriends because we all hang out and go out to dinner, then there are three other ladies, thoughts, opinions? I don't want to exclude anyone, but then again I don't want to invite like 100 people either, and I do have friends who are out of town so not sure if they will be able to travel down ( California and N.C. is where they live ) .

Re: bridal shower guest list.

  • As far as the groom's family members, it is really hard when you marry in and there is conflict.  If you are on good terms with your FMIL, ask her.  I would hate for her to have any resentment towards you for inviting her family members who are on "the outs" with her.  As for "having to invite" there really is no such thing, other than it is seen as rude to invite somebody to a shower if that person is not invited to the wedding.
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