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can't post from laptop!


Re: can't post from laptop!

  • I'm still having the same issue and experiencing the double, non-editing posts as well.



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  • I think @KnotPorscha has been on vacation since before Christmas. Maybe "Tech" as well, although I'm still not convinced "tech" actually exists. Still have to use rich text only, still double posts 98% of the posts I make, and still no paragraphs, even when I put them in. This is starting to get ridiculous that I have to edit almost every single post I make because it's double or even triple. "Tech" has had this issue long enough, time for us to see something done. I can only assume from this point on that there is no "tech", or "tech" is completely incompetent.
  • Hey Everyone, I have this item as a priority with our developers and am meeting with them today. Hoping it can get resolved soon!
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