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grand exit?

we are planning on having the guest light sparklers but need a grand exit song// any songs you can think of that would match this grand exist?

Re: grand exit?

  • Are you doing this out of doors?  I have to admit I think using sparklers for a grand exit is dangerous.
  • yes its outdoors

  • Do you have the sound system to do it outside? Can you play music outside without getting a noise citation?
  • Ok.  In that instance, it could work.  But I have to admit that I'm not sure what music would work here.
  • yes, we can play music outside. It will just be one song.... our venue isnt located around any homes
  • light up the sky-Yellowcard
  • Firework by katy perry... :)
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  • I don't know why, but I keep hearing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey in my head. I don't think that really works though. 
  • I've been to two weddings that did this. One had about 100 guests, one had about 150. There were several "helpers" lighting sparklers, but there were so many people and so much coordination trying to get people to stand in two lines that 1) people were confused and 2) not everyone's sparklers were lit at one time so it kind of defeated the purpose. It wasn't a bad thing, it was just kind of a "why?" thing. They might have gotten 1 or 2 cool pictures, but as a guest it was just annoying.

    Also, synthetic wedding attire + alcohol + party + lots of people + sparklers/fire makes me worry about:

  • while i appreciate the concern, the question i asked is about music choice. not whether or not i should be doing sparklers. I have been to muliple weddings that have the sparklers and everyone that I know has loved it. This is what I picture for MY WEDDING.
  • Do you need a song?  In my personal opinion, it would take away from the effect.  I'm not having any music for my exit at all. 

  • I don't know why, but I keep hearing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey in my head. I don't think that really works though. 
    That song always works. It is never wrong. (Just my opinion!) :)
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    You will probably need a few songs, my experience is it takes awhile to get everyone situated, sparklers lit and then a few passes for photos. You'll alway need the long sparklers, not the short ones. I'd pick 3 or more songs so people don't get bored :)

    ETA : In my experience - I didn't have one bc in my experience they are difficult and photos never turn out as planned.
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  • Do you have a DJ? They should have suggestions for what they use for that.
    We're still trying to figure out our exit song too.
  • I think "Midnight City" by M83 would be a great choice. We are using it for our recessional. 
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