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I can't talk to anyone about my wedding :(


Re: I can't talk to anyone about my wedding :(

  • Going through a bit of the same, I'm a few years older than you and this is my first wedding as well and I almost feel silly by getting all giddy and excited, but I feel 25 on a daily basis, so why not act it now?! I'm sorry your family and friends are being so selfish and not putting their feelings about their own situations aside and rejoicing in this wonderful time for you!!! So what if you are an older bride, or as someone pointed out to me, mature, and that's what we are! We know who we are and waited till it felt right for us and we found the right one. We didn't go by any time frame of society, we lived our lives, had our careers, had fun and the fun is still coming and just know you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be! Our generation has done things a little differently, because we remember way back when and seen the changes of a new world evolve. I know we are strangers, but feel free to share away!! My biggest issues is, my heart and excitement to have a wedding and my practical, we could do so many other things with this money side are in major conflict!! Part of me feels silly for wanting and spending this money on a wedding, like I don't deserve it at my age, but I'm going for it and my family and friends are beyond thrilled for me!

  • This is my 3rd (Divorced in my 20, widowed @40) I do not have to many people excited for me right now. Mostly because everyone has this idea of how long I should be a widow.

    I do not care... I am happy for me and that is all that matters!
  • Knottie36781315---I have a friend who was widowed at 48 and met someone with 3 weeks of her husband passing (he was ill for awhile)....they married 9 months later. I was so happy for her....

    I think everyone deserves to be happy! I waited to find my prince!
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