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Last Name- how/if to announce

My fiance and I have discussed the last name changing and I've decided that I'm definitely keeping mine and he has decided that he may change his. My question is..... how or do we even announce our last names, whatever they end up being? We obviously aren't going to be Mr & Mrs HisLastName, but I've already begun to receive things addressed as Mrs. HisLastName even though the wedding isn't until July! 

I don't want to make people uncomfortable and I don't mind being called the wrong name, but I would like to find a polite way to announce what our name(s) will be. If that exists: if not, hopefully people will figure it out when the thank you cards show up with the return address :)

While I realize this can be a heated topic, I'm not trying to start a mini-war and am just looking for opinions on how to politely inform people. Thanks in advance!

Re: Last Name- how/if to announce

  • We both kept our names too. We weren't announced at the wedding, but a couple of people asked if I was changing mine. I just politely said no. And I've politely corrected a few people who call me Mrs. Our return address stamp has both our last names on it, as does everything else, but we do still get a few things addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Groom's Last. I don't really mind and usually just ignore it. I figure it'll be an ongoing process over the next few years.
  • You can just be announced as the new husband and wife.
    You can be announced as your first name and his first name.
    You can be announced as the new husband and wife followed by your first names.
    You don't have to be announced. I am pretty sure everyone will know you're the married couple :p
  • If you're going the traditional route with last names, you can announce it anyway you'd like.

    If you're thinking of announcing it at the wedding with his name change, I think that will be fine too.  I can't see why people would be uncomfortable if he changes his name, but people will be intrigued and ask questions. If so, be prepared for it.

    Otherwise, they'll figure it out when you send thank you cards.

    I did have a friend who took on the wife's last name.  They had told me that he would before the wedding.  Afterwards, on their mail (cards and etc.), they asked to be addressed as The Wife'sLastName family. 
  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions! 
  • I'm keeping my name and plan to have us introduced into our reception by our first names only.
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