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  • hoffmak said:
    I feel as if I am looked at as being the bad guy here, but that is only because you are thinking things that aren't true.  First of all, none of my bridesmaids are going to be wearing heels so anything having to do with standing in heels for a long time is out of the problem.  Second of all, I'm not "kicking her out" of my bridal party.  Never in any post did I say this - and never would I do this.  When she announced her news, she gave me the option of "kicking her out" and I refused.

    It would be nice if someone didn't put me into this defined box of a typical bride.
    One of my bridesmaids had (well still has) cancer.  How she feels day to day is always up in the air but I knew if she was feeling up to it, she would want to stand.  I left the decision up to her to make on the wedding day.  We had a spot saved for her in the first few pews just in case.  
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