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awkward or funny to mention break up in speech

When FI and I first met we dated for exactly a month and he got all freaked out that it was moving too fast and he broke up with me. He hadn't had a relationship in a long time and was scared about suddenly giving up the single life. He called me after 3 weeks and said he made the hugest mistake and could we go on a date. I had a feeling so I said yes- but what's funny is that I called my best friend and MOH that night and told her "this isn't going to be ordinary- it's either going to have a nasty, horrible ending or we're going to get married!" 3 years later and we are getting married :) I kind of want to tell this at the wedding just to rub in his face that he did break up with "the one"- is that funny or inappropriate?

(we hardly ever bring it up but when we do it's always a subject we laugh about...I can see it not being funny if we were one of those train wreck couples that is on & off every 6 months but it was just that one time then we knew for sure it was meant to be)

Re: awkward or funny to mention break up in speech

  • As a guest listening it would make me a bit uncomfortable and would awkwardly laugh while thinking that it really isn't that funny. I also don't think it is appropriate to rub a choice your FI made, no matter the reasoning, in his face.

  • I would think it would be awkward as well. A little story:

    My best friend married a man with a common name. We'll call him "Joe". Her sister/MOH thought it would be hilarious in her toast to mention that she dated three other guys named "Joe" before she found the right "Joe". After she said it you could hear crickets chirping because it was dead quiet. Even though she thought it would be hilarious everyone else thought it was inappropriate.

    I realize you don't have the exact same situation, but I would categorize talking about problems in your relationship at your wedding in the same category as talking about exes. Uncomfortable for everyone.
  • I would feel uncomfortable listening to speeches about exes or break-ups of one or both partners at a wedding.  It just doesn't seem funny to me or in keeping with the purpose of the event.  So I'd play it safe and not mention those things.
  • Ok!! I'm so freakin glad I found this website, I know nothing about weddings and ya'll are super helpful!!

    (I swear to god that is genuine not sarcastic- I appreciate it!)

  • maybe put something like that in a card to him, it would just be personal between the two of you.
  • Yeah, it could be very awkward. One of my BM's was jokingly (I hope to God so) That when she makes her speech at my wedding (She probably wont, or at least at RD) she's going to talk about how we need to have lots of sex. Yeah, um no.
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  • I'm with PPs.  Please don't - even though they may be able to laugh about it now, weddings are an emotional time, and bringing up something from a bad time could offend the bride and groom, or could make any other person there upset.
  • I wouldn't think it was just me it's kinda mean. I would just leave it alone.
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  • I would skip it, my FI and I had a similar situation when we started dating because we were fairly young (19) and he had just come out of a really terrible relationship. We won't be joking about it on our wedding day.
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  •  It depends on your crowd what reaction you might get. Personally I say skip it, but the story you put with it in this post made me understand why you want to mention it.
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