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Torn between two reception places in Philadelphia!

Hi all,

This is my first post on here :) My fiance and I have finally begun the daunting task of planning our wedding for the summer of 2015. We are looking at Philly venues. 

We saw the Downtown Club last week and totally fell in love with it. Cescaphe Event Group seems to do an amazing job! The menu is pretty amazing. The reception site feels classically romantic and elegant with white walls and floor to ceiling windows looking out over Independence Hall. There is a valet service and we could even rent a trolley to take guests from the reception to local hotels so that no one has to worry about driving. They recently remodeled so many of the photos online are outdated. The ones that aren't don't really do the venue any justice. The major con is that they require a minimum of 175 people but the space for a dance floor will not be that large.

The second venue that we looked at today and really liked was the Ballroom at the Ben. It was opulent, has great food, and is gorgeous in a very different way from the Downtown Club. Appetizers are on a balcony that looks out over the dining room. Both have similar pricing, alcohol, and food packages. The Ballroom at the Ben has a much bigger dance floor but I'm not sure if I like that guests can see the ballroom before dinner. It also does not have any windows. Instead, the architecture is amazing. They are also not partnered with a transportation company the way that the Downtown Club is. 

Both venues are gorgeous in their own right. I'm having a hard time deciding! Have any of you been to events in either? (Especially since Cescaphe event group took over The Downtown Club and remodeled it?) I'm trying to decide which one to go with!


Re: Torn between two reception places in Philadelphia!

  • Try posting this on your local board.  Good luck!
  • They both sound amazing! Hopefully the local board will give you some good feedback. 

    For our wedding we got the largest dance floor possible and people were still dancing to the side of it.  There weren't any tables on the side so it worked out well as an "extended area" of the dance floor.

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