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Hi!  I'm Kristy and I'm new here and after reading thru the boards, feeling, well, extremely happy that my wedding "stresses" are not that bad!  All of the people who are involved in our wedding want to be, are excited to do so and have offered to help with anything.  I also was unaware that giving a gift to them when we "officially" asked them to be a part of our day would make any of them feel uncomfortable. 

My biggest question so far was how to include my future SIL in the wedding without having her be a bridesmaid.  We know she cannot afford to do so, but I still want her to be involved. After reading the boards, I see that I should just include her in events, but not expect her to attend everything. 
Any other advice?


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  • If you have the money, you could pay for her to be a bridesmaid, if you really want her to be. Or she could do a reading, or be an adult flower girl, or many other things.

    My problem is children. I have 12 nieces and nephews, all 14 and under, and I want them ALL to be part of the wedding party, but I have no idea what as.
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    Hi Kristy, and welcome to the boards.

         If your husband wants his sister to be in the bridal party, he's free to ask her. Unless she truly has fallen on hard times, this shouldn't be something she can't afford. The bridal party attire should never be outside of the bridal party members' budgets. You, of course, find out their budgets by asking each one privately, and choosing the lowest budget as the guide for attire. Two other alternatives are paying for their outfits yourselves, or choosing a fabric and color and letting them shop on their own.

    If none of these options appeal to you two, I suggest that you just invite her as a guest. This is a beautiful way to honor her. Most sisters of the groom don't expect or want more anyway. Good luck, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. :)
  • You could also ask her to be a reader.
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  • Thanks ladies! :)
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