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I hate my bank!!!! - Vent

pinkcow13pinkcow13 The Concrete Jungle member
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edited December 2013 in Chit Chat
So on Friday night I had to make a deposit into my HSBC account. Mostly because my mom made a deposit into my chase account then wrote a check against my HSBC account [long story, not really relevant]. Rather than telling me ahead of time, she told me AFTER. So being that HSBC is no longer my main bank, there are no funds in there. Fine. I forgot to do this on Thursday when she told me and remembered halfway through the day Friday. I was at work, so I went to chase after work [at which time HSBC was closed], took the money out, went to HSBC and deposited the money into the ATM. For some reason the dumb ATM would not recognize the bills, even though I had JUST taken them out of another bank. I kept trying to do this, and I think I became distracted, because the damn door on the slot closed WITH MY MONEY IN IT.

I basically freaked out and tried to get it out to no avail. I called them, had to wait for a ridiculously long time, and basically there was nothing to be done except for them to open an investigation. So wonderful. I called them today, and they told me bank security still needs to investigate and it can take up to 10 days. They said if the investigation is found to be in my favor they will take care of any fees in regards to an overdraft. Isn't this ridiculous though?? And I am just paranoid at this point. I'm sure the bank has all sorts of cameras, as well as the ATM but still. Has anyone gone through anything like this? Sigh.

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Re: I hate my bank!!!! - Vent

  • I work for a bank and I know that legally we have a lot of hoops to jump through in many situations thanks to government policies so it isn't always easy or customer friendly for some situations. In this type of situation we would have to go through the same steps. Do I like it? No. It stinks that a customer has to wait so long and be stressed over something like this, and it makes us look bad in the process. Sorry you had to deal with that kinda stuff, but I'm sure it will be figured out.
  • pinkcow13pinkcow13 The Concrete Jungle member
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    Okay, so I guess it is something standard. I guess I did not think that on their end, it's not as easy as just pulling out a tape and reviewing it. It is just so frustrating. I keep thinking maybe if I had done something differently, or if I had tried something else. My fear is that the thing started working the next day and someone found a wad of money in there.... But I guess in the end it will be figured out, it is all on video. Every time I make a withdrawal I think what if the wrong amount comes out? Sigh I just hope it is all figured out sooner rather than later:(


  • I know what you mean! In the end though thats why banks have fdic insurance...your money is always insured! But I do that too. Everytime I take money out of the ATM I'm scared the door will pop open and nothing will come out but it will show on my balance lol so trust me you are not alone!  

  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    edited December 2013
    I once deposited cash at the bank to a TELLER and the money was never deposited.  I called the bank and they claimed no deposit of that amount had been made to the teller all day.  Thank God I kept my receipt.  Once I brought the receipt to the bank, they credited the money and apologized, but still didn't explain what went wrong.

    I have always wondered if the teller was stealing somehow, thinking maybe people don't watch their balances closely enough.

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  • pinkcow13pinkcow13 The Concrete Jungle member
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    MrsDeRuyter87 - good point, I forgot that they were insured! That makes me feel better, because I feel that the surveillance video will have to show enough that if there is some slight doubt, they would still rule in my favor. I know that from now on I will never deposit through the dumb ATM again.
    JCBride2014, that's horrible! I am making it a point to keep my receipts from now on. I am sure that there are people that don't check their balances as much as they should. I think if I had a ton of money maybe I would be less cautious with it. I can't afford to not be cautious with my money LOL. I would not be surprised if that teller was somehow trying to steal from the bank.


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