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Save The Dates postcard addressing

My question is two-fold.

First, do I address Save the Dates formally (Mr. and Mrs. John Doe) or informally (Jane and John Doe) or some other combination I am not thinking of? Our Save The Dates are a single photo front with a postcard back.

Second, since it's a postcard, should I still put a return address on it? Since this is our first mailing to guests, I would like to receive the return mail in case our addresses are bad, but I have never seen a postcard with a return label.

I forgot, I have a third item. Can we use clear address labels for the STDs, or do they follow the same "rules" as invitations, which I know it's not proper to use labels for?

Re: Save The Dates postcard addressing

  • 1. We're not addressing ours as formally as our invitations.

    2. Return addresses aren't required but they're a good idea in case the postcards don't make it to the recipient. I suggest finding some space on the upper left corner for a return address (or you could have it printed on the post card if you haven't ordered them already). 

    3. I don't love labels, but that's my personal preference more so than etiquette.  Etiquette does frown on labels in general but it really is a victimless crime and I wouldn't be offended if I received either a save-the-date or invite with a label on it.

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  • STDs are informal, especially postcards.  They don't need return addresses.  Labels are only for junk mail and business mail, not for anything wedding related.
  • I used return address labels we had alredy and we did get one back because we didn't know the person had moved. We also weren't sure about addresses for oversees so if we wrote the address wrong it was a good way to find out because it would get returned. We also did save te date postcards.
  • Oh and we did address them the formal way... My dad is old fashioned but it is good practice and some people are picky. For example I have a relative who has a doctorite so he would be addressed dr. Didn't know that until we save the dates.
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