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Non Religious Officiant

Hi all, this is my first post!

I've been searching for an officiant and was wondering if any one has good experiences with someone who is open to doing a spiritual ceremony that includes traditions from jewish and catholic backgrounds. There aren't many Rabbis or Priests who will do that, but we were hoping to have some one more neutral any way.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Non Religious Officiant

  • Hi

    I have been on the search for the same! So far, I have a good rec for Rabbi Larry Schuval. I will be meeting with him soon so I will know more info. Hope this helps. I dont have his info handy but if you google him you can find his website.

  • I have recommended Rabbi Frank previously. He will work with an officiant of another faith and is very good about getting to know the bride and groom and their vision for the ceremony.  If you cannot find the other officiant, he has several who he can recommend. Just do a google search for Rabbi Frank.
  • Also check out Cantor Debbi Ballard at mypersonalcantor.com
  • Thanks everyone! We spoke to Debbi but she was really expensive. I'll check out the other two though!

    We also talked with Peggy Lewis, has any one had experience with her?
  • We met with Peggy Lewis, she's very professional, and experienced, but was out of our price range.  Instead we ended up finding Lucie O'Sullivan, who studied under Peggy, but is much more affordable.  You can check her out on her website (http://www.lucieosullivan.com).
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