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November 2014 Weddings

Checking off the to-do's!

Just ordered my gown on Saturday. I love it and can't wait to wear it. Next up, caterers and photography!

Re: Checking off the to-do's!

  • Awesome! All I have left to do is men's attire, officiant and caterer. Love being a plan-ahead type person.
  • I'm going gown shopping this Saturday!  

    If you don't mind me asking; how many stores/ appts. did it take until you picked your dress?
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  • All that's left on our list is: ordering/ sending invites, choosing a cake (included with our venue just need to pick one), favors (won't make them until much closer to the day), FI needs to order a suit, we need to pick rings, and we need to register.  We'll also have our engagement session with our photographer so I'll add that to the "not done" list even though I don't have to plan it. 

    Everything else is done- officiant, ceremony, reception, my dress, BM's are choosing their own attire, flowers, DJ, photographer. My goal was to have all vendors booked and all major details sorted out before the holidays (we got engaged in July)- mission accomplished!

    @hikebikebemerry, I visited about 10 stores and then ended up ordering a dress on Amazon (I just wasn't finding anything plain enough within my tiny budget that I loved in a store, I took a chance and ordered a 57$ dress from Amazon and it's exactly what I had been looking for- this is definitely not typical- I lack the shopping gene lol). 
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  • @hikebikebemerry I only went to 2 stores and tried on less than 10 gowns when I found my dress. 

  • I went to two stores to "just see" what they had. I'm glad I did because it gave me a sense of what I wanted. Then, last Saturday I had three appointments...time to get serious!!. The fourth dress I tried on at the first appointment was perfect. I called and cancelled the other two because I knew I had found it.
  • Thanks for the tips! I found my dress yesterday!! It was the 3rd one that I tried on at my first appointment, I almost started crying when I put it on, but stopped myself so I didn't bias everyone's reactions. We still went to the second appointment, just so I could check out something I had like online. As soon as I walked into the second place, I couldn't take trying on the dresses seriously, because I was so in love with the dress from the first store. I'm so excited!!!!!!
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  • @hikebikebemerry The same thing happened to me! I tried on the 4th dress, fell in love and cried. Went to a second store just to see what my options were, but I knew that the dress I fell in love with was the one. I went back the next morning to buy it.
  • Yay! So happy for everyone! I cried, too. Isn't it his fun? Now I keep looking at myself in the pictures. I can't wait for it to get here! It's so hard not to share it with my fiancé! I share everything with him! I've also decided to keep it under lock and key so no one will see it except my mom, sis, and best friend. I don't want too many eyeballs on it and ruin my "moment!"
  • You ladies have me worried now! We have our ceremony and reception venues all set and have decided on a caterer but still have to get that set in stone. Other than that I have a LOT of balls in the air right now. We have a tentative dj, tentative photographer, tentative table/chair rental place... you get the idea. I did talk to my brother (my MOH, whatever we figure out to call him) about needing to look for a dress last night and he said, "Um, yeah, you need to do that now. I'll go with you." So that's on my radar...

    The good news is, I have a lot of things that are close to done.

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  • I just found my dress this weekend too!  Now in the process of meeting with caterers.  Most of our other vendors are all booked.
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