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Tux Rentals

Please recommend where we can rent tuxes. We went to one place and the prices seemed pretty steep.
If you're willing to share, please tell me where you went and how much it cost.
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Re: Tux Rentals

  • We checked out Men's Wearhouse, which came in around $180 a person (if you have a very large wedding party, like 9 or 10+ people, you may get an additional discount on the groom's tux). We have decided it makes more sense for us to just purchase my fiance a black suit so that we can have it fully tailored for him, and were referred to Romualdo in downtown Madeira. We had a great consultation, and now may be doing tux rental through them as well. We haven't pinned down details on those yet, but were told they start at $150/ea. My sister used Romualdo years back when she got married and continues to patronize them to this day. 
  • Stay away from Men's Warehouse in Kenwood.  They caused so much stress on our wedding day, it wasn't the same.  And they never apologized or refunded.

    Basically the morning of the wedding, they messed up 2 out of 6 tuxes.  Mind you, the week before I had called and confirmed his measurements that THEY took.  DH's tux was way too small and short, he looked like a homeless person.  I didn't know how that was possible!  He couldn't swap with another groomsman either so they had to order from another Men's Warehouse.

    The wedding started at 11 AM!

    To this day, I regret that we missed out on the bridal party pictures that morning.
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  • @clearheavens. thank you for helping me with this decision. That is where we went for our first consultation and we weren't happy when we left. The lady we spoke to said it would be $200+ for a basic tux rental, including for our 3 year old ring bearer. She didn't seem to want to honor the discount for me purchasing thru DB either. I have the coupon from DB saying if I went to Men's Warehouse I'd get $40 off per tux. We have a super small party.

    PS. I'm so sorry you had a horrible experience. I am glad you had a semi-good day but that was super crappy on their part
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    @lovelybride thank you!  Pictures are forever and the only memorabilia you get to keep after the day is over.  So make sure in your timeline that if you miss your chance for photos, have a makeup time.

    Also for the RB, I bought his tux as a gift because it was cheaper than renting.  Of course he grew out of it but at least there's the option of selling it or donating to charity.  Renting is a sunk cost.

    Oh I just remember this additional setback, but that Men's Warehouse in Kenwood did NOT know how to fold the pocket folds.  The pocket folds looked real good on the mannequins but when it came to actually doing it, none of the staff that morning knew how to do it!  Half of the groomsmen's handkerchiefs were falling out and the other half were just stuffed real deep, which was THEIR work.  It looked very unprofessional.

    If you need recommendation for altering anything including BM dresses, let me know.  I know a mom and daughter team in West Chester who do a great job for very cheap.
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  • Please check out Genos tux and plus in reading. We were originally going to use Mens Warehouse but the staff were so awful we couldn't stand it! Genos is amazing, they not only have great customer service, but you can customize your orders, my groom to be and our fathers are the only ones wearing jackets, so the groomsmen will be in pants, shirts, vests, ties and it was around $89 for the groomsmen. Not to mention they also have a dark and light grey to choose from :) Good luck!
  • Pepe Ramundo and Sons!!! They are THE BEST!! Ask for Carmen! 
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