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May 2014 Weddings

May 17, 2014 weddings!!

Hey ladies, just wanted to start a discussion for those of us getting married on May 17! Maybe we can help each other with the planning process :)

Where are you all currently in your planning stages?



Re: May 17, 2014 weddings!!

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    Right now I'm in the process of losing my mind!! LOL I really just have the small details left to take care of. I think my biggest thing is I'm making my invitations and I haven't started on them yet so I'm stressing about that. We have to nail down a couple of little details before I can print the invites though so I'm stressing about that. 
  • I feel like I am so far behind!

    This weekend- Cake tasting. Yum!
    Next week- Flower deposit and cake deposit, if we don't do it this weekend
    We were supposed to have our engagement pictures done this weekend, but we have to reschedule. 

    A friend of mine is making our invites based on a design I like from another site :)
    I still need 2 of my bridesmaids to buy their dresses. My best friend got hers this week from ebay (the dresses are JCrew brand) and it fits...she just wants to lose 20 lbs.
  • bellaluna290bellaluna290 member
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    Double post
  • I feel like I still have tons to do!
    Cake tasting
    Food tasting
    Limo reservation 
    Hotel for wedding night
    Choosing my accessories 

  • edited January 2014

    Everything will fall into place ladies! I am having a very casual wedding so luckily I have been able to keep most of the plans pretty simple... I notice I am failing at sticking to one decor theme haha

    Yesterday was super stressful for me for some reason because I am finding all these little details I want to  add, its just a matter of having the funds for it... but like I've been told MANY time, those little details won't make much of a difference to the guests, so I just need to relax :)

    @bellaluna my MIL does wedding cakes so luckily that was one of the first things we were able to check off our list! Don't worry though, I know my MIL just had someone contact her for an April wedding and she is able to do it, so don't worry :)


    @Lisanadrat Where are you looking for your honeymoon? I just booked mine to the Dominican Republic about 2 weeks ago, so you aren't too far behind!! Just keep an eye on the rates because I noticed when I was looking that the airfare rates kept going up a little bit each week :(


  • I still need to book the caterer, order invites,buy chair covers, sashes, table linens..ugh. MOst of my big ticket items are taken care of but I have lots of little things now. 
  • @dluberts the little things can be overwhelming I've noticed! I am moving this month and I am dying to start my decorations but it doesn't make sense to do that until I move so I am just waiting! I've also noticed that all the little details like jewelry, garter, shoes and all that really add up!!


  • I'm pretty much done -- except for the little things! I picked up my wedding dress this week (still needs to be altered). I still need to buy my shoes and undergarments and we need to select our meal entrees and cake flavors, and we need to buy our rings. However, all vendors are booked, honeymoon is set and I'm ready to get married! :)
  • *elle.*elle. member
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    edited January 2014
    Oops -- posted that twice! Sorry, I'm new! :)
  • @*elle that is so exciting!! where are you going for your honeymoon?


  • We're going to the Mediterranean :) we're flying into Barcelona first for a few days, then taking a week long Mediterranean cruise to France and Italy and then back to Barcelona for a few more days. I'm so excited to see Barcelona!
  • That is awesome!! You will definitely have to post pics!


  • I also feel like I may lose my mind.  We have all the "big" stuff done/booked but its the little details that are driving me nutty. 

    I do feel a little better we booked the honeymoon last night.  Thank goodness, I was a little worried I'd never choose lol

    Next week I feel like I have about a million things to do:

    tasting at the caterer
    tasting at the cake boutique
    bridesmaid shopping
    bridal show
    proofing my invitations
    sending out bridal shower invites
    meeting with the DJ at the venue to see about set up as I want it to be very very discrete which is becoming a massive pain

    THEN, I go back to work the next week after 6 months off and all hell will break lose ;)

    The only thing I feel like I don't have a handle on is decorations... I know what I want, but I've done nothing about it !
  • @bittleigh13 I totally understand what you mean about the little details, but like I am slowly learning just remember- so many people don't even recognize those little details. But trust me, I understand the anxiety of getting all the little details just right!! Where did you book your honeymoon?


  • @LindsayTim2014 We decided to stay stateside and do more of a mini-honeymoon as we both just started new jobs in 2014 and have huge projects going on through June.  We are doing 4 nights/5 days in Charleston, SC.  We booked an unbelievable suite in an Inn downtown.  We're really excited to just sit back and enjoy the city.  My fiance' talked me into it.  He wanted a place we could go back to easily for anniversaries here in the states and we both love the South.
  • We can't go anywhere for a honeymoon. I really wish we could. I booked us a hotel pretty much right down the road from our ceremony/reception venue. It's located on the river bank so we have beautiful view from our room, it has a whirlpool in the room also so we can get nakey, chill in the whirlpool and just relax while enjoying the scenery. Maybe later on we can have a nice "honeymoon"
  • @LindsayTim2014 ; We are thinking a cruise in Europe...But I'm letting my FI do all of the planning..I told him that I have too much on my plate! lol So we will see :) 

  • @Lisandrat we are doing a cruise in Europe for our honeymoon -- we're taking a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona the week after the wedding.  Maybe your FI will be booking the same trip for you guys! :)

  • All these honeymoons sound great!!


    @brittleigh13 @lisandrat- I am sure you guys will plan something amazing for when you do have the time :)


  • Super jealous of everyone that is taking a honeymoon soon after the wedding.

    Cake is picked out and paid for!
  • Yay May 17th!!

    I am also in the process of losing my mind :)  working on invitations, going to look at tuxes this weekend, and still need to meet with the florist and book a limo.  I have a checklist going of things to do, and every time I cross something off I do a happy dance! 
    Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • That's the one we are looking into! Its through Royal :) We will be taking our trip in the summer though..I will still be teaching in May :(

    Side question...when are you guys sending out invites and what RSVP date will you be writing on there?
    *elle. said:
    @Lisandrat we are doing a cruise in Europe for our honeymoon -- we're taking a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona the week after the wedding.  Maybe your FI will be booking the same trip for you guys! :)

  • LisandratLisandrat member
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    edited January 2014
    Also...has anyone bought their jewelry yet?? Please share any good websites! :)

  • I am sending out my invites at the end of March/beginning of April and asking for an RSVP date of May 2


  • I've bought alot of jewelry off of etsy and amazon.
  • Okay thanks! I think I found my invitation on invitationsbydawn.com but I want to be very sure before I order.

  • I just bought my necklace from Etsy- the store name is BrassBoehme.... she has a lot of vintage looking necklaces :)


  • Our invitations have been ordered (should be here next week!!!) and our RSVP date is April 26th.
  • I just got the e-mail from The Knot saying 4 months to go!

    I literately gasped out loud.  I have a lot of little things to take care of.  Time to kick my planning into high gear!

    We're almost there ladies!!  Good luck in the final months of planning everyone! 
  • I ordered the invitations! What a relief. They should be here on Saturday...I'm still feeling like I have a lot to do lol

    Have fun ladies :)

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