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May 2014 Weddings

May 17, 2014 weddings!!


Re: May 17, 2014 weddings!!

  • My invitations came in last night.  I'm so excited :)  I was like a little kid on Christmas!!
  • What I have left is to do a cake testing and order the cake
    Pick out flowers
    Finish the centerpieces
    Food tasting
    and I need to figure out who will do my hair and what I want my hair to look like I will  be doing my own make up though (:

  • We weren't engaged until the end of December, so I'm only a month in! I still have some big things to figure out, but I feel in the time I've had things are going well. I'm trying to stay as stress-free as possible, and keeping things pretty simple.

    I've gotten our venue (church), my dress, engagement pictures done, invitations bought (although they are the ones you personalize yourself- I need to do that still!), a baker chosen (still need to set up tasting and decide on actual cake).
    I still need to figure out food and decorations. As for the food, I'm hoping it won't be too complicated because we aren't doing a big meal. The wedding is in the afternoon, so we are just going to do finger foods/appetizers. I have a local caterer I'm looking into, but we may also consider buying from costco & making it look nice.

    Oh! We've also booked our honeymoon! We're going on a cruise. I've went on cruises in the past and loved them! It will be FH first, so it's even more exciting. 
  • Got the caterer booked finally! Huge relief for sure. THAT was my final huge check, now onto the size don. Rentals...
  • Rentals as in chairs, buying tablecloths andchair covers
  • Ahhh I love rentals.  I am such a weirdo about stuff like that but I really feel like the linens and chairs and flatware all have the ability to totally transform a space.  I just emailed my caterer about that this morning.  I am chomping at the bit to go look and pick things out.  
  • Yeah...got a fewquotes on chair rentals for my outdoor ceremony............633.80 for a 30 minute ceremony.I was like are you freaking kidding me?! Are you insane? The next place I called will be roughly 450, still expensive but more doable.Linen rentals in my area are more than buying, so im buying all tableclothes and chair covers from efavormart.around 300.I plan on turning around and reselling for less than half of what I pay for them
  • I spent all evening trying to find ties for the groomsmen that match the bridesmaid dresses. Fyi there are a gazillion shades of blue!
  • 99 days!!!! So excited

  • Double digits woot!
  • Ladies, who is your cake from?  I need to do this soon! 

  • Would anybody like to give your vendors a shout out?  Tell us who you are booking and what for. 

    First Baptist Church of Decatur for ceremony and reception
    Aurum Studios for our wedding bands. 
    LAH is photography.  Lesley Ann Hix is a friend from school. 
    Lorna's Bridal for bride's gown
    Men's Warehouse for men's attire

  • We have had the absolute worst experience at mens warehouse. They dont know their asses from their elbows. 
  • Since these are mostly location specific, I doubt any of you will be interested in my vendors! :)
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary 5 Answers
    ccvasquez said:
    Ladies, who is your cake from?  I need to do this soon! 

    The ladies on these boards are from all over the place so if you're looking for specific vendors you would probably have better luck posting that on your local boards.
  • Where are you located?


  • I'm so excited to have found this board — this is my date too! I LOVE my date!

    I am lucky to be in a place where I feel like I have all the big stuff out of the way. I am trying not to take on too many "projects" so I'm FINALLY not too stressed about the details. Most of our guests are coming from out of town, so I put the invites in the mail mid-February. I a dress and veil and the bulk of our decor purchased. I have the cake ordered and the caterer, florist, planner, photographer and dj contracted. Honeymoon is booked. Rehearsal dinner is booked. I even planned and ordered all the packaging for our guest welcome bags! So I am feeling really great, just in time to enjoy a shower and a bachelorette getaway!

    But it was well-earned — I was SUPER stressed b/c I did all the planning myself (my mom isn't helping me at all) and I was driving my fiance crazy. I never, ever, ever want to plan a wedding again! It is so hard!

    Now I am just counting the days to what will be the happiest day ever :)
  • 18 days ladies!!!!


  • I am officially 2 wks 3 days 11 hrs 20 min and 15 sec out from the exact time of my wedding....lol.
  • How did it go ladies??


  • Beautiful!!! Mine was amazing too :) Just got done uploading pictures to The Knot :)


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