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    Yes I picked out my ring, even though BF (didn't ask yet) is a great giver and knows me very well. I am very particular with an engagement ring; the style, and etc. So we went to a  few places and finally landed at Jared's, and I found my dream ring but affordable and ended up buying the wedding band that day as well since it matched perfectly. 

    I know he'll surprise me in a "grand" way of his so ths surprise is when he'll ask me. 
    Wait, so are you two engaged or not? I only ask this because on another board you are talking about throwing your own engagement party (which I won't even touch) but here you are calling him your BF. So do you consider yourself engaged or not? Because if you don't then you shouldn't be planning an engagement party since, you know, you aren't engaged.

  • I had always told FI from the beginning (of the marriage talk, not the beginning of our relationship, lol) that I wanted to be completely surprised. He seemed a little overwhelmed with options, so I told him a couple of things I didn't like, and let him go from there.

    It worked out for both of us, because that way I had absolutely NO idea what he would end up getting, but he knew it would be something I would love.
  • Yes I picked out my ring. I was just browsing rings online one day for fun and found my dream ring for a very affordable price. I went back in forth about whether to show my fiance (then bf), but ultimately decided to show him. He proposed about two months later. 
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  • My ring is my grandmother's ring. I told my fiancé that was the ring I wanted to wear.
  • I told my FI one day what I liked, and all the ring vocabulary really confused him.  I later glued two pics of rings I liked onto Post-It notes and put them in the medicine cabinet along with my ring size.  He has a family friend who works with a jewelry store, so she helped him pick something out based on my not-so-subtle hints.  It's a princess cut center stone with 4 small brilliant cut stones on each side.  Traditional style and so perfect for me.
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  • Yes!  My fiance started his proposal with "would you be mad if I proposed without a ring."

    My mother shocked me and gave me a really beautiful diamond from one of her old rings.  We paid to have it set in white gold.  It is so much bigger than imagined having and I am so grateful my mom donated her old diamond!
  • I designed a few that really liked because I did NOT want a diamond, and so did a few designs of the settings I liked, the metals and the stones I liked that he could pick from there. He did pick one of those designs and I LOVE it!!
  • We started looking together, I went back to the jeweler alone and picked out two different setting I liked.  I think it's important to have a say as you should be wearing for the rest of your life.  He made the final call on the ring.

    However, because I did really chose the e-ring FI wanted to design my wedding band.  We went in for our first meeting last Saturday and I have to say he is doing a brilliant job designing the band.

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    Yes! We went ring shopping together! We actually went to the same jewelry store twice and I picked out the same ring twice. We both knew it was the one for me; it suited my hand perfectly! 

    I'm glad we went together. I had a style in mind that I liked in pictures, but when I tried it on, it just didn't look good on my finger. I ended up picking something out that I didn't think I'd love, but fell in love with.
  • I helped pick out my ring. I had my eye on this one style for a long time. It was his idea to go out one night and look at that ring, as well as anything else that had caught my eye. The one that I really liked was a disappointment once I tried it on, so I tried on another in the same style but with a tish bigger middle diamond (it's a round halo, pave style). So, in a way he picked the one that I actually got... and I love it!
  • I did!  He bought me a charm bracelet as a present and after that, we received all the store advertising books in the mail. It's a yellow diamond ring with a double halo. I saw it in one of the books and I fell in love. He bought me that exact ring. I couldn't be happier!
  • I knew the exact ring I wanted before I even met my fiancé LOL and that ring stayed in my mind for years.


    When my FI got down on one knee….it was his Grandmother's ring. And you know what? I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING. It's absolutely beautiful, timeless and sparkly (lol) It was so special to me that it was his Grandmother's ring that the other one didn't even matter anymore :)
  • I sorta did!  I always told my boyfriend that I'd be happy with whatever I got, simply because I'd know he spent time picking it out himself.  In the end, he pried the information out of my close friends and ended up getting me the exact thing I would've picked for myself.  The fact that I didn't tell him what I wanted and he went to the effort of finding out what people think I like makes the ring mean even more.
  • Nope. Not at all! I had no idea he was even going to propose! (neither did any of  my friends or family) lol, we hadn't even really talked about getting married so he had no idea what I liked but he picked out exactly what I love. He went in, told the girl is was "ecclectic and fun", she showed him a few rings and the one he chose, he chose with the fact that I'm a kindergarten teacher in mind (so it's a bit more rounded so I can't accidentally scratch the kids. lol) and without knowing my ring size it ended up being the perfect size! I was super impressed!


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  • My fiance did a lot of shopping on his own. He would send me a lot of pictures and ask me what I thought. I had two settings that he sent me that I really loved. I asked to go and look at the two in person, which was a good thing we did because the one I thought I loved online, I really, really didn't like in person and on my finger. My second online choice, however I loved in person. I also picked three other rings and then let him decide which one he liked and wanted to give me between the four.

    He did end up choosing my overall favorite because I just "lit up" when I tried it on.

    I had always said before I met him that the guy should have total reign over picking the ring. He did pick it, but I think there is nothing wrong with a little help. I think he was really nervous about the whole jewelry store thing and my input really helped him feel better about his choice too. In the end they all want us to love the ring, too.
  • Nope! I had no clue what it looked like until he opened the box and proposed. I was absolutely shocked and I adore it! I had never envisioned what my E ring would look like, and now I can't imagine anything other than what he chose. He went shopping at a locally owned store with his Grandmother, which just melts my heart :)
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    Better answer now that it's been ordered: I had heavy input into the design. BF and I narrowed it down to four settings, all of which I would be equally happy with. He made the final choice.
  • No, he surprised me with mine. I never went ring shopping with him or shown him pictures of what I liked, I only told him that I didn't want anything too expensive. He wanted something really meaningful so he found a ring that reminded him of me (the main stone is a ruby which is my birthstone so it was perfect) and had it resized. I love it and I wear it everywhere; I just wish he didn't spend so much on it.

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  • same thing for me
  • I gave him a few ideas of what I liked and a dollar limit, haha.
  • We (my bf and I) have been very open about our timeline from the get go. We had discussed "spring 2014" as a good time to get engaged. He knows I'm a little wedding and ring obsessed, and has laughed with me (at me?) as I agonized over the "make your own ring" tools online.

    I thought at first I would give him pictures of a few that he could take to a jewelers, but then my list started getting kind of specific (example: silver colored, but not white gold, I'm allergic. I want a thin band. I like diamonds around it, but not channel set. I dislike when the band gets wider towards the center stone, etc etc.) Once spring hit, he started saying "we could go look at rings in stores if you want", and of course I wanted! 

    Then I sort of naturally took over. We were using my mom's diamond, and I had this big list of desires for the setting, as well as questions to pose to jewelers about their warranty, the specs of the ring, etc. I love my boyfriend, and he is so smart and capable and certainly academically inclined, but I just didn't want to put my obsessive need to know EVERYTHING about the ring on him, and he seemed really happy to just let me take over, just like he was really happy that he didn't need to research diamonds/ center stones. We found a setting style that I liked, and eventually found a trustworthy jeweler with a good price. We (well, he) bought the setting and are waiting to get the call from the jeweler that its been set and ready for pick up! I'm very excited!

    I don't, however, consider myself all the way engaged yet. It's silly, but I want a little romantic moment on the couch or something where he (semi) surprises me and proposes. He's probably not going to wait too long after we pick up the ring-- he feels engaged already. And I told my family about the purchase. This has caused them all to go into hyper drive with planning and "congratulations!" and demands about who I should invite, questions about when to get married. I've had to backtrack and say "wait! not yet! congratulate me in a few weeks!" quite a few times, and field some drama about weddings before I even considered myself engaged.  My boyfriend and I have had quite a few giggles over it. 
  • Um. That turned into a tome. Sorry. I guess I REALLY want to wear that ring, and am channeling my anxious excitement into over-sharing with strangers. Oops. 
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    A friend of mine took me to the jeweler while she got her ring cleaned and asked if I wanted to try e-rings on "just to know what ring size you are" and "you never know what your tastes are until you try some on!" I fell in love with a ring we tried on that day but obviously had to leave it, and months later, my FI proposed with it! So via a sneaky friend and a sneaky FI, I wound up choosing my own ring!

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  • Nope, I didn't pick my ring out at all. I had no idea he was going to propose and we had talked lots about marriage but we never like went ring browsing or anything for him to get a feel of what I like. That being said, he knows me. He picked out an amazing ring and I love it so much. It's very me and he says as soon as he saw it he knew I had to have it!! Everyone else has told me that they can't believe he picked it out on his own with no help because my ring is so me.
  • I did not pick out my ring.  To make a long story short, my grandmother became suddenly and seriously ill and spent most of her last year in and out of the hospital.  My FI met my family at the hospital.  Fortunately, that day was a good day, and she was thrilled to meet her "future grandson".  We lost my grandmother a few days later.

    From the time I was a little girl, my grandmother had always said that she wanted me to have her rings.  She had three sons and I'm the oldest granddaughter.  Knowing how close I was to her, FI asked if I wanted to use one of them as "the ring", as an heirloom piece.  I loved the idea, and Grandma would love it. 

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  • I picked mine out. My fiance told his parents he wanted to start looking at rings and his mom suggested I go with him (totally surprised me when she said that because she's like 74 and totally traditional about everything lol). We went to a great local jeweler and I picked out what I loved. Two and a half months later, he just proposed to me this past Saturday night.
  • My fiance proposed to me on my birthday without a ring after he gave up because he had no idea what I wanted. After he proposed we went to a few jewelers and I had shown him ones I really liked. After a few days, he purchased a ring by himself and I absolutely love it. A few weeks ago I went through my wedding board on pinterest and I had pinned the exact ring over a year before he bought my ring! 
  • I told my fiance that I wanted an emerald... and a while back I showed him some rings that I liked, but he designed his own ring and did a perfect job!
  • I didn't exactly pick it out, but we did shop and try things on together. He got a good idea of what characteristics I liked, and then chose how to put them together. He had this ring made for me to his exact specifications, and I couldn't be happier! I don't feel like shopping together ruined the surprise at all. I'm glad we did, because he was confident that I would love it, and I was confident that he wasn't out shopping with no direction. Win-win!
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    FI and I went ring shopping together. I wanted something very simple and under a certain price point because saving for a new vehicle and house were bigger priorities for me. And as we talk and make all big decisions together, it felt weird to me to not be involved in the engagement process. We made a date out of it. Got dressed up, went to the store, spent an hour trying on all the rings. Found one simple setting I absolutely adored. Sat down and discussed the 4 C's of diamonds with an expert, had him show us some examples of diamonds in our price range with the specifications we had in mind. Had the store open a file for us and write down our information. and then we left. Went out for supper and a movie. 6 months later FI went back to the store, had them open the file. He got to go through the diamond vault again and choose a diamond that he liked in our budget and spec's. They made the ring. And then a month later he proposed with my dream ring. It was a perfect amount of involvement and surprise. (FI said that if he had gone ring shopping on his own, he probably would have taken my descriptor of 'simple' and got something similar to the one I chose, but never would have settled on the one I picked because of its narrow band. But after seeing it on my baby fingers he realised the ones he had in mind would have felt clunky)
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