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Catering Budget

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What was your catering budget? For how many? What did that include?

Re: Catering Budget

  • I paid about $21 pp for a pig roast buffet with five sides, which was a super good deal for my area (Chester County, outside Philadelphia). We had a backyard wedding, so it fit perfectly and was delicious.
  • It's been 8 months and I've already pushed the cost of things out of my mind lol.  I think we paid about $60 per person for a stationed dinner that included 3 stations with sides- lamb, sea bass, and pastas- plus soup, salad, and dessert.  Then it was $9 per person for 6 passed apps and then maybe another $17 per person for a mashed potato bar and a sushi station.  So maybe $86ish per person for all the food.  That also included taxes, gratuity, set up and clean up, and all linens and dishes/glasses, etc.  Does not include alcohol or cake. 

    Costs of food in particular will vary drastically from region to region.  This was just outside of Boston. 
  • Ugh you guys are making me terribly jealous. Your food options sound amazing, and the cost isn't bad either. We live in Vegas and are getting married here - the cheapest hotel venue we looked at (and ended up booking) is $50pp for a buffet with a prime rib carving station, roasted chicken, a mashed potato martini bar, assorted veggies, salad, rolls, etc. That price doesn't include taxes, gratuity, labor, etc. or bar and cake. Don't get me wrong I think it'll be delicious but a PIG ROAST?! My fiance would LOVE that. And sea bass? mmmm.. 
  • Ours is going to be about $50 pp and it's a buffet. The food we tried was sooo good though.
    Honestly your options sound so good.
    We are just having beef or chicken, risotto, mashed potatoes, and green beans, and then 3 different pass apps.
    I wish we could add a fish or another side into the mix.
  • Our food came out to $44 per plate, it includes the rolls, a salad course, choice of roast beef chicken breast or chicken courdon bleu and they each come with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed veggies.  That also included our apps, which is crackers with buffalo chicken dip veggie dip and honey mustard dip, veggie tray, cheese station and italian meatball stations.  Also all regular (soda/water/lemonade/iced tea) drinks plus tea/coffee for dessert.

    We also get our linens, glassware, and plates within that price.  The alcohol and cake are separate, but they will be cutting and plating it without a fee.  When adding on taxes and gratuity it comes out to just over $4500 for 85 guests.  But I am located in Central PA so your region may vary.

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    Ours is $30 a person, that includes the bar (3 different bottle beers, 4 wines, soda, coffee & iced tea) appetizers, dinner (we live in Cincinnati, so we are doing Cincinnati style chili: that is coneys, 3 ways & salad). We are also having a hot chocolate bar & champagne toast for our 130 guests. 30 days to go!!!! Our caterer includes clean up, linens, china & table service and they are plating the cake for us. It's $3980 for all of that. 
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    Just got back from the tasting with the caterer. It was so delicious! Ours is $68/pp with four passed apps, a salad, two entrees and two sides, buffet style. Doesn't include alcohol, but includes 2 bartenders and non-alcholoic beverages. Cake cutting is free. Rentals not included, though.
  • Right now it's $30 for adults, $15 for 4-12 and under that won't be charged. It's a buffet meal with 3 types of salads, 2 entrees, appropriate starches and vegetables, coffee, decaf and tea (I assume water as well but I'll double check). It's in a hotel so venue and all rentals are already included. For my guest list of 60, it comes to $2143.35 including sales tax and 20% service charge. All other drinks (soft drinks and alcohol/wine) will be host bar by consumption. Even with $1000 tab on that, it falls within my budget for the wedding.
  • Does the pp prices include staffing? I'm so shocked by the CT/NY prices! Their proposals are half our entire budget!
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    Ours includes staffing.
  • Our $21 pp also included staffing, two servers to man the buffet, as well as heavy-duty disposable plates, plasticware and napkins. They arrived to the wedding with all the food already made.
  • i am in central ct our reception is about 20 minutes away we are paying 75 a head it includes dj cake and flowers full sit down dinner 5 courses, chicken francese, twin stuffed lobster tails, prime rib and a eggplant parm for the veg option, passed apps to include a cheese and veggie table, stuffed mushrooms, clams casino, scallops wrapped in bacon, stuffed breads and bruschetta.
    plus ice cream puff and cake  it also includes a 4 1/2 hour bar first hour is  top shelf liqour like grey goose etc, 3/2 hours house brand liquor such as Smirnoff
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