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Bridal Shower with no gifts/registry invitation wording

I'd like to have a bridal shower and ask for recipes and advice. My fiance and I are not registered since we have everything but are moving to another state right after the honeymoon and could use the money for the big move. What's the best way to word the invite? I'm also looking for themes for this type of shower. Thank you!

Re: Bridal Shower with no gifts/registry invitation wording

  • A shower is to SHOWER the bride or future mothers to be with gifts. If you do not want to be showered then I suggest you not accept the shower.

    Also, you do not host your own shower, so if you want to mention a cooking theme to whomever is hosting it... that would be fine.

    They can get cooking inspired invites, and when the guest come to the shower that can fill out recipe cards.

    Theres no NICE way to ask for money, it is super against etiquette, and very rude to guests.
  • A theme is nice and it is great to ask for recipes and advice on the invitation 
    Ex: Your recipes would be a welcomed touch
           that Stephie would appreciate ever so much.
    But that is where you draw the line.  If you want the money, figure out the stores where the gifts were purchased and return them.  Also, if you register at Macy's, guests get the option of contributing to your "dream fund" which adds up to a gift card.
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