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Has anyone used to order bridesmaid dresses?  A family member is getting married and suggested using this site to order our dresses.  The company "appears" to have good reviews online, but I am skeptical of all these rave reviews.  If the site is legit, it would be a great price for the dress -- esp. to get a custom fit one -- but I have doubts.

If anyone has ordered dresses (or anything) from this site, did you have a good experience?  Thanks in advance!

[Btw, if this question has been asked already, I apologize.  Please send me a link to the discussion.  I did a search, but could not find anything on any of the wedding boards.  That being said, I realize that I may have missed something.]

Re: Order bridesmaid dress from

  • I wouldn't. Google indicates they're a Chinese knockoff site and if things go wrong, it can be hard to get refunds.
  • I googled the address that Dressfirst provides on their website. It's the same exact address as JJsHouse. I suspect many of the Chinese websites are the same company using different names. Read the 'About Us' pages on both websites. The wording is identical. Also read this:

    There may be a few brides that get lucky, but I wouldn't chance it. The shipping fees seem reasonable, but if there is a problem with the dress, the shipping and handling back to Hong Kong will probably be  excessive. And  there will be no guarantee that you will receive a good dress in time for the wedding. 

    This is a frequently discussed subjec on the attire board, if you'd like to do some research over there:
    Don't apologize for asking this particular wedding. No one, here likes to see brides and bms get ripped off. Thanks for asking and for looking out for your friends.

    If the bride still is interested, after you share your info with her, suggest she order one dress. When she receives it, she should contact the company to ask about returns.

  • I am ordering my MOB dress through French Novelty.  Their dresses are cheaper, but not alarmingly inexpensive, and they received very good third party reviews.  You can order online, but it also has  brick and mortar store in Florida. The only difficulty is, you are not consulting a tailor before you order. That makes it dicey.  Did you order the right size?  You really won't know until you get it.  My mother is disabled, so it is really difficult for her to find something that fits her and looks flattering.  I saw one dress on her that made her look stunning. If it works out, I will have saved $180 on her dress.  Because of my mom's disability, we might be spending more than the dress cost on tailoring.  If it works out, I couldn't ask for more. Hopefully it will.  If not, we will have to rush to Macy's to get her another dress.  I will keep everyone posted on how it goes with this company.
  • Thanks so much for all the information!
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