June 2015 Weddings

June 13th, 2015!

Hi Ladies (and gents if there's any on here!)

Another other June 13th brides out there? (Especially CT ones?) Where are you all getting married?

I'm SO excited - we booked the Lighthouse Point Pavilion in New Haven, CT. We can get married right on the beach, underneath the Lighthouse, and 300 yards away is the pavilion where our reception will be, complete with an antique carousel. I can't wait!!

Does anyone have anything booked past their venue?

Re: June 13th, 2015!

  • I'm a June 13th bride too! Congrats! So glad we finally have a month board now! I'm from Michigan though. I have my venue, photographer and DJ/photobooth booked.
  • Wow, you are on the ball! Our plan is to do photographer and band next, as well as any other "set" price booking (transportation, rentals etc) and do catering last so that we feel more comfortable splurging on catering. I hope to have photography done by end of February, and our band we will probably have booked in the next few weeks!
  • Hi! We are getting married June 20th. So far we have only booked our venue. We are from Boston.
    Congratulations on your engagements!!
  • Hi everyone! We are planning a June 2015 wedding in Upstate/Central NY.
    We have a "hold" on a reception venue, but that's all so far.  We hope to get that secured in a few weeks, then move on to securing a photographer, DJ, and transportation.
    Congrats everyone! :)
  • We are June 27th.  We have our venue booked and are currently looking for a photographer to book.  
  • Hi all!  I am a June 20th bride!  We only have our venue booked so far.  I will probably start planning more during the summer when I'm finished with grad school. 
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  • benaisy3 said:
    Hi everyone! We are planning a June 2015 wedding in Upstate/Central NY.
    We have a "hold" on a reception venue, but that's all so far.  We hope to get that secured in a few weeks, then move on to securing a photographer, DJ, and transportation.
    Congrats everyone! :)
    I'm getting married in Upstate/Central NY too!! Our date is set for June 14th and we have our venue booked and paid for. I found out from another bride that June is now totally booked at our venue. Thank goodness I called before Christmas and got to pick any date I wanted since everything was open!

    Congrats to everyone, I'm exited to chat with everyone while we plan!
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  • duhitsd - - where in upstate/central are you?
    Congrats! :)
  • benaisy3 said:
    duhitsd - - where in upstate/central are you?
    Congrats! :)
    We are in the Syracuse area. We're getting married at Skyline Lodge at Highland Forest in Fabius NY. You?
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  • duhitsd said:
    benaisy3 said:
    duhitsd - - where in upstate/central are you?
    Congrats! :)
    We are in the Syracuse area. We're getting married at Skyline Lodge at Highland Forest in Fabius NY. You?

    We are in Utica area.
  • I'm June 13th also! At first i was a little hesitant about the 13th (I'm not really superstitious but, still), but then I decided who cares it's just a number and if I want a saturday wedding it shouldn't matter the date! My birthday is the 19th so I have June 20th as a back up date in case the venue I want is booked, by the 13th is definitely my date right now!

    We're not for sure yet on our budget, he's transitioning jobs and I'm about to make a decision on grad school and therefore where I'll be living, so we can't be for sure how much we'll be able to set aside. But I've been actively researching venues and I've found several I think we we afford regardless, the wedding is in NE ohio, so things aren't too expensive here. I already have my chef friend lined up to make our cake, and my cousin is going to do our engagement pics :-)
  • @effiek91 That's awesome that you have so many connections, it makes a huge difference when it comes to budget!
  • @cehorning yes indeed it does! I am seeing that more and more. At this point its more just picking through and figuring out who I can use for help with what. I'm planning on spending the majority of my money on the venue (as many do) and once I have that picked, I can decide on the different smaller details I want, and out how to accomplish them, either with the help of others or on my own. I have noticed that people I never would have thought of when originally going through helpers, have ended up being great help! My sister's friend from school has hung out at family functions over the past couple years, turns out she's one of the best organizers I've ever met, and she has a way of getting things accomplished when dealing with salesmen etc. I told her she could be my unofficial wedding planner and she was thrilled!
  • Yay for June 13, 2015! Originally we had set the date for the 20th, but literally every place we had looked at in our town (Kearney, Nebraska) for a ceremony had booked up! That was really pretty crazy, but we decided to roll with it and move it up a week! It will be here sooner than we all know it! :))
  • We are June 6th!! Super exciting, we have our venue booked so far which includes our ceremony and reception spaces, setup, linens, and full catering/open bar service. We have quotes from our preferred DJ and limo services and would have booked since they are excellent rates, but my family wants to see if they can get better rates from some that they frequently do business with. Our next priority will be to book our preferred photographer because they definitely go fast and they are offering a great deal!! Good luck ladies and happy planning :D
  • 6/13/15 Boston Wedding :) 
  • Our date is 6/13/15 in RI. The 13th is the date we wanted and it was the only Saturday our venue had left in June :)

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    Hey ladies! I'm a 6/13/15 bride as well! We have our venue set which includes ceremony, reception, catering and linens. Looking for florist, DJ and photographer this month. I'm hoping to have my vendors set by this summer. My birthday is 6/16 so it's going to be a massive celebration. 

    We live in Maryland and getting married by the National Harbor!

    Good Luck to you all :) 

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  • We are June 14 in Houston, Tx. The venue is in the process of being booked! Couldn't be more excited!


  • I'm also getting married on June 13 of next year! Our reception venue also only had the 13th free, and we jumped on that date so fast it wasn't even funny. I liked the idea of getting married on a 13th since that's my beloved grandmother's anniversary, and we started dating on Friday the 13th. 

    The ceremony's going to be at the UMich Botanical Gardens, and the reception's going to be at the University of Michigan Union. Catering will be through the university, we've got the cake lined up because we're friends with the head pastry chef at one of the better restaurants in town. Everything else is up in the air but hey, it's over a year out, we're in good shape. 
  • I'm another June 13, 2015 bride!  We've actually had our venue booked for months now.  Once we learned that all of the nice/affordable venues in the Philadelphia area were already running out of dates over the winter my fiance and I went on a mad dash.  Luckily we found our dream venue, the American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philly.  It's so different- museum space in a park on the water, and my fiances grandfather used to work there :).  It came with an exclusive caterer- Jeffrey Miller Catering (who have been super easy to work with) so that's two things down.  Soon we'll be looking at photography/music!
  • This is my wedding date as well. I'm having an outdoor wedding about 125 people. Colors are peach and pink ---with some white and burlap
  • @astrojax we started dating on the 13th too (April though) so we wanted to keep that date. We always talked about a Friday the 13th wedding but none next year are in any months I would want to get married.

  • @leese19 - I wanted a Friday the 13th wedding too, but I didn't want to deal with planning a wedding in under a year to get the February or March date (plus, travel in the upper midwest in February? risky.). And there's a chance my Ph.D. defense is going to be as early as next fall, so November was right out. I was going to just let it go and get married in May, but I'm glad that the 13th worked out!
  • I too am a June 13th bride!!! so exciting!! 

  • June 13, 2015 Hop Bottom, PA at a local dog rescue in an open field near a pond. 
  • June 13, 2015 in Idaho! We'll be sharing my parent's wedding date/mom's birthday, too. It will be their 34th anniversary! :)
  • June 13, 2015 in Michigan. Very excited to be a June bride!
  • Hi all! I'm getting married June 13, 2015 as well! :) I already have my venues (church and reception), DJ and coordinator booked. I also found my wedding dress! Next up I plan to book my hair/make-up, photographer/videographer, florist and cake- phew! I'm getting married in Northern Atlanta.
  • Yay June 13 2015!  It was the first thing I picked. We wanted our anniversary to stay on the 13th but have a long engagement, We got engaged in 2012.  We are doing everything at Isaiah Tubbs Resort which wasn't  the initial plan but I am very happy with it.
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