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  • Another June 13th, 2015 bride here! Getting more excited as the days pass! Wondering if I'm cutting it close on asking my bridal party (I have asked my MOH already though). I am having 6-7 girls total, looking for a creative way. Any suggestions?? :)
  • You're probably not cutting it too close, might want to get on that in the next few weeks so you have plenty of time to get dresses sorted. 

    I'm only having three, and since we were an "about time!" sort of engagement, my MoH and my sister were already on notice that they'd be expected to stand up in the wedding. I called my last BM before we lifted the social media embargo. I've seen all the ways to "propose to" your bridesmaids on Pinterest, and all they look like to me is another thing to spend money on... However, I did give my sister a bottle of Two Buck Chuck with a Post-it note on it after she fake-complained that I didn't get her a bottle of wine with a custom label. We are a snarky bunch in my family.
  • June 13th here! I'm in Phoenix and it will be warm then, but hopefully not awful. I'm planning on just the (short) ceremony being outside. I chose an all inclusive venue which has been great, not a whole lot of choices to be made. Very helpful because I'm indecisive!
  • Hey everyone! Congrats to you all! I'm a June 13th bride too and I'm getting married near Chicago. I don't know about you all, but time seems to be moving so quickly! 

    @whimsybride- I ordered cute invites from Etsy and mailed them out since all but one of my girls lives in state. They all loved them!

  • Im having a hard time starting with all the small details and theme. I have all the big stuff like venue, DJ, photographer and flowers, but now I feel like all the little stuff needs to get done. 

    Our colors are pink, blue and orange and we are getting married on Lake George, NY. 

    Ive been trying to find bridesmaid dresses in pink, but not too bright or purple-pink. Any suggestions for other websites for dresses?
  • @Briany163 - I've had great luck looking at Weddington Way. There is a HUGE selection of various designers and colors. Good luck!
  • I'm also getting married on June 13th!!! We are getting married at Maneely's in South Windsor. So far we have the venue, the dress photographer/videographer, and DJ. Maneely's provides the catering and the cake too,so that makes it a little bit easier for us.
  • @gingersnaps722 - We thought about looking there!! We ended up deciding it was too far away and ended up at the Carousel at Lighthouse Point instead.
  • Almost at the 6 month mark! its getting closer and every day I get more impatient! I just want everything to be done and to marry my best friend and the love of my life!

  • so many New England brides! we live in somerville, MA now, but getting married In Baltimore inner harbor on june 13th! I'm a bit scared and have no idea what i'm doing, but we have a lot of things booked. Venue/band/photographer/makeup/photobooth, i've been running already into issues being able to find a hair stylist? a lot are already booked. also have been having difficulties getting responses from vendors when requesting details, has anyone else found that? i would have figured they be down for the business. 
    Anyone have any ideas of how to actually choose a florist? i dont really know what to look for or ask?
  • June 13th girls - when are you sending out your invitations? I have seen mixed answers on when to send them. 
  • @cedudly I don't have any great advice on choosing a florist- I looked at a ton online and had no idea how to narrow it down! Luckily my aunt knew of one so I met with her and told her what I wanted, which is not a lot so it was under budget and I just really clicked with her. She responded to my emails quickly- which is something I look for in all vendors. If I can't get in touch with you easily then I just can't do business with you- I'm too impatient.

    @cgss11 we'll probably send out our invites early-mid April. I think the standard time is 6-8 weeks. We're doing about 8 since we didn't send STDs and pretty much everyone will be OOT.

  • Hi everyone!! @cgss11 I plan to order our invitations by mid February to be sent out in April. We are thinking about going with Wedding Paper Divas, has anyone perhaps ordered their Save the Date's with that company and can speak on their quality?? I've heard they were nice quality and their prices aren't too high - which is a plus after all the money everything has cost so far :-x As for our major vendors, we are pretty much all set except for a florist, if anyone hears of a fair florist in New England please share. :)

    5 Months and 1 day!!
  • Hi everyone!! @cgss11 I plan to order our invitations by mid February to be sent out in April. We are thinking about going with Wedding Paper Divas, has anyone perhaps ordered their Save the Date's with that company and can speak on their quality?? I've heard they were nice quality and their prices aren't too high - which is a plus after all the money everything has cost so far :-x As for our major vendors, we are pretty much all set except for a florist, if anyone hears of a fair florist in New England please share. :)

    5 Months and 1 day!!
    You can order free samples from them. I just went to their site and on the home page is a code for 8 invitations that you can pick for free. I know I got some and they were nice but I found their prices to be too expensive for my budget.
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  • Thank you for the tip @duhitsd I did not see that offer when I looked at their website from my phone, I will definitely have to have some sent to me! PS I just booked my florist everyone. :) If anyone is still in need for a florist in MA/RI, Milestone Florist gave us a great deal and we've seen his work at weddings we've been to and he is talented!

    5 Months exactly!! Wow
  • We actually ordered our invitations on Black Friday - we found 20% off on Minted, and then because they were running slow due to all the orders, they refunded us another 25%, so I'm really glad we took advantage of the situation! It's kind of relaxing to know that I already have them in my possession, so no running into time crunches. We'll send them out beginning/mid april with a late May rsvp date
  • 6/13/15 wee!!! its sneaking up pretty fast.. getting panicky.. but i planned 90% of everything in the first 8 weeks. lol. cant help it i like to get things done
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  • Hi there :) I'm a bit late to the party.

    FI & I just got engaged on Feb 1st but we just STD with our venue for June 13th!  Bonus points for it being my dad's 60th birthday (he's super excited about it, btw).  

    We're getting married at a Prairie-Style mansion in Western Illinois.

    I'm excited about all the date twins in this thread!
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  • Congrats @WildMagelet ! I recognize you from NEY. 6/13 is my date too :)

  • @lavenderfields13 Thanks!  :)  I posted a handful of pics of the inside & outside of our venue there.

    Less than four months...tick-tock!
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    HEY YOU GUYS!!!  wooooo

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  • Oh man, seeing that two-digit number - never really expected that to roll around for some reason. 

    Worked on assembling invitations last night. Fiance made me stop after I finished the reception cards so I wouldn't hyperfocus and ignore things like dinner or going to bed at a reasonable hour. 

    Still need to work on the bouquet - I wasn't going to do anything crazy, but my grandmother died last August and damn that 4'11" 90 lb woman could really rock a palm-sized floral brooch. When life gives you lemons, make a bouquet out of them? I've wired up two of them so far - I'm probably going to have to set a reasonably sized goal to make sure that I get them done in a timely fashion. 

    Pianist friend and I are going to go to the music library on Wednesday to find sheet music for the ceremony. I've picked a few songs - my heart is set on "All The Things You Are" for processional - but I need to finalize the list by then.

    Really need to go to the gym, partially to maintain my rocking shoulder definition and start stripping my winter squish, mostly to make some attempt at reducing my constant low-level stress. I know I feel better when I'm lifting, and I'm sure some of the constant low-level stress is guilt about not using my nice gym membership as much as I "should".
  • I can't believe it's in 2 digits!! I met with the florist, have appointments set up for the cake, and food tasting. I have my ceremony almost done, just need to send it to the officiant for his final approval. 

    I'm having my first shower this Saturday, I can't wait!!! 
  • Oh my god ladies.. we send out invites in 3 weeks!!!!! It's getting real! I actually picked our vows today.. so exciting! 

    My shower is April 18th.. so unreal. 

    I am past the stress and into the excitement/strangely calm zone! 

     Where are your emotions right now?
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  • I'm getting really excited that it's so close- we're sending out invites in about 3 weeks too. The other part of me is getting pretty terrified of the bar tab at the end of the night haha.

  • I had my first shower last weekend, it was so fun! It was a very girly, cupcake and coffee kind of thing. 

    We're also sending invites in about 3 weeks, I need to work on addressing! Other fun things coming up...cake appointment, and my fitting. 
  • My Bridal Shower is TOMORROW. All of a sudden it's hitting me how close everything is! Invitations to be assembled! We already confirmed our menu with the caterer, put in our cake order, I met with the florist this week to go over exactly what I'll need. Mom has her dress, found a tie that matched EXACTLY for my dad. All of the Bridal party has ordered their apparel - half of them have it in their possession. Still have to finish some DIY stuff, and get my alterations started. Order the paper lantern decorations. I still feel like there is so much to do!!!
  • Two months and FOUR DAYS holy crap i literally just screamed. I'm so excited/nervous like what the heck is this real life?!?!!?!? @llikotdesserd i hope your bridal shower was amazing! mine is on the 18th! I suggest you ladies hire a DOC if you haven't.. mine has been my freakin back bone thus far!!

    Do any of you ladies want to be email buddies? I mean, we all share the same wedding day which means it would be great to have someone to talk to directly and someone to text on the big day before it all begins who is equally as excited!
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  • Hi date twins! I sent out invites today! It's all becoming so real :)))))) how is everyones planning coming along? what do you have left to do?
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  • I sent out invites on Thursday and it made it very real! I need to meet with my vendors to go over details- I will probably meet with them all next month. I need to buy candles for the centerpieces, buy thank you cards, make a seating board, make a bar sign, and get a "guest book".

    I need to decide on my accessories and FI needs to decide which suit he will wear and get shoes, belt, tie. Then we'll pick out ties for the GM. 

    We also need to book a HM! I'm sure there are a ton of other little details but that's all I can think of right now.

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