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Stubborn 5 pounds

Just starting to try to lose weight.  I think I could stand to lose 5 - 8 pounds, but I've been the same weight for about 5 years.  Do you think it's possible to lose weight when your body seems to be at a happy size?  I'm moderately active on a regular basis, but I haven't been careful with what I eat until about a week ago.

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  • I don't have advice, just commiseration.  I'm in the same spot with my weight: I'm a size 6 and would love to be a size 4, but most of the time my body feels pretty happy where it is and I don't want to starve myself to lose weight.  I saw good results this summer when sticking to a high-intensity workout program, even though not dieting.  Only lost a couple of pounds but got much better tone and lifted my butt a little, which when you are already close to your ideal size, is what you want.
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    It's definitely possible. You do to change what you eat though- eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, healthy snacks throughout the day, lots of veggies (greens such as broccoli, kale, spinach are wonderful) and some fruits. Drink lots of water, no sugary drinks, lean proteins. If you drink- eliminate it for some time- alcohol is empty calories and it slows down the fat burning process after a workout. Also, HIIT- high intensity interval training. Basically, you work out in spurts of intensity. Run at a moderate pace for a minute, sprint at your fastest for the next minute, keep that up for 20- 30 minutes. Cross train so that your body does not become used to any particular exercise- switch up your exercises each week. And do strength training exercises. And remember, pounds are just numbers on a scale. You might tone and firm your body, lose inches, but not lose as much weight since muscle weighs more than fat.

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  • Oh- no bad carbs after lunch!


  • It's hard for me to watch what I eat.

    Trying to eat greens, or any veggie is really hard for me. (I feel like I'm What I've seen work for me, is juicing. You can easily get your fruit and veggie servings without gagging them down. I know that is something that I have really lacked over the years, proper nutrition.

    Juicing, a multi-vitamin, and plenty of water has helped me slim down a bit, and give me some energy to exercise. I did a total of four miles yesterday, 3 walking, one running(jogging). Something that I had never been able to do before. ...

    Of course, I am exercising my self control as well, when it comes to eating.
    Hope my run on novel helps! Good luck!!!
  • Well, I lost 4 pounds in about two weeks!  I guess anything is possible :)  I've been tracking what I eat in myfitnesspal and working out more often.  It feels pretty great.  I can't wait to try dresses on again!
  • I'm in the same boat - only trying to lose 5-7 lbs, but I seem to be feeling more bloated and heavier than ever...  I've started eating drastically better and cutting portion sizes, but I look at myself and just feel like a sack of crap...  I like all the PPs suggestions though, I will have to try them!! 
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