mother/daughter, mother/son dance songs

Hello lovely ladies!

I'm not close with my father, and he's not invited to the wedding. I did, however, think it would be nice to have a mother/daughter dance instead. Is this a good idea? What songs do you recommend?

Also, what are some songs we could play for the mother/son dance?


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Re: mother/daughter, mother/son dance songs

  • @christipbetts

    I think that's a perfectly fine idea. 

    For you and your mom it could be Carrie Underwood's song Momma

    For him and his mother maybe Just the way you are by billy joel
  • I love "In My Daugter's Eyes" from Martina McBride. She wrote it for her daughter

    My husband and his mom danced to "I hope you dance" from LeAnn Womack

    Others that come to mind are:
    "My Wish" from (Rascal Flatts)
    "What a Wonderful World"
    "Simple Man" (Shinedown)

  • I was going to do "my wish" with my mom but now I am doing "mamas song" by carrie underwood. I can't wait! I am closer with my mom and she's going to cry! LOL
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    My cousin and her mom danced to Carrie Underwood "Mama's Song." (Her dad is deceased.) It was really touching; not a dry eye in the house. If that's the relationship that you want to honor with a dance, I say by all means do it!

    Have you heard "A Song For My Son" by Mikki Viereck? (Her voice is totally cheesy but the lyrics are sweet.)

  • Thanks everyone! I'm not super familiar with Carrie Underwood's work, but since almost all of you recommended her, I'll have to listen to those songs!

    Thanks! :-D

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