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transportation: presidential, bell trans, earth limo, awg etc?

So I contacted presidential asking for info and rates for multiple bookings as I see that they have decent reviews on google, yelp and so on. I said I needed a bus to transport 40-50 people from Aria to Caesars on these dates and asked if we could do 2 1-hr booking (4-5pm, then 6-7pm). And also we're doing our photoshoot on two separate days, so another 2 2-3hr limo needed for at least 3 people.
The reply I got was short, and not friendly at all. He said they do not do 1 hour bookings, and told me to go to their sister company bell trans instead. He didn't even bother to tell me their own rates. I know about bell trans already but was hesitant to book them as their reviews online aren't that great at all...
I emailed back again saying it's okay I can work with 2 hour bookings and asked about more info and booking procedures. And all I got back was "the 28 passenger is $180 an hour and the 24 would be $160 an hour". That's IT. Am I asking for too much if I'm expecting just a little more friendliness in their emails..?! 
so... I don't feel comfortable doing business with them anymore. Not a good first impression at all.. so what am I left with? Earth limo seems to have decent reviews, and what about AWG?

Any input is welcome! thanks in advance!! 62 more days!
Our wedding day also marks our 11th anniversary of being together :)
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Re: transportation: presidential, bell trans, earth limo, awg etc?

  • I have always called and they are wonderful. I find sometimes emailes can come off as short. Just a thought. Hehe Can you believe how close we are getting!!
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  • But because I'm in Canada.. I can't be calling all the time :\ I usually call when I'm actually confirming to book. But I just realized presidential is one of Aria's recommended vendors for transportation? I asked my coordinator, she said I should tell them Aria referred us. I'll try that again in a bit.. hopefully I get someone different replying me back lol
    I know! and I've still got a ton to do!!! 
    Our wedding day also marks our 11th anniversary of being together :)
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  • Oh I gotcha. Well I say give them another shot. I have been really impressed with their service...and I am kinda a brat about good customer service lol!
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  • We are using Vegas Transportation. They have different sized party buses and will book for an hour at a time. The 26 passenger bus is 140 an hour I believe.
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  • I emailed a lot of places and most emailed back with either a short reply, or a more detailed list except for Exotic Limousines which replied to me with some details and then when I asked for some more info, the lady replied in ALL CAPS. I replied and told the girl that ALL CAPS comes across as yelling and told her she should try not to do that in the future. Then I ignored any future emails from her because there are so many limo companies in Vegas, you shouldn't have to deal with snooty, angry, and/or uninformative replies.

    So in a round about way, I'm trying to say you should definitely check with someone else! :)

    My quotes were all for Vegas to the Valley of Fire so I am not sure what their normal rates are, most companies charge about a 4 hour minimum for outside of Vegas, maybe some will be less if you're staying on the strip. Also, some will allow you to bring food & alcohol, some will only be one or the other or nothing.

    The company I went with, LD Tours, was awesome to deal with. Mark was super friendly and always promptly replied. We're also allowed to bring all our own snacks, water and alcohol on the busses we got.

    Some of the other companies I checked with were: VIP limos, Exotic limousines (do NOT recommend after the 'angry' replies), Bell Trans, Earth Limos (very friendly, but they were the most expensive), Presidential Limo, 5 star, AWG, Abraham Limo service and of course, LD Tours.

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  • After reading this post I looked into LD tours and ended up cancelling bell trans and booked with LD tours! I'm saving $85 with them! And they seem nicer and the bathroom is a plus lol thanks for your post marlaina:)
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  • Im looking into them for our meet and greet transportation. At the moment I have had to arrange 2 x 27 seater shuttles to transport 30 guests! Definitely not worth it. LD Tours have 32pax vehicles which is perfect.

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  • thanks for all the replies!
    My coordinator at Aria referred me to someone at the concierge. So hopefully they'll take care of me!
    I also emailed earth limos and LD tours as well.. hoping for some good news too!! :D
    Our wedding day also marks our 11th anniversary of being together :)
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  • Shoebunnie. Please read Vegas Transportations reviews on yelp!
  • @futuremrsrancourt Holy hell!! Thank you so much! Provided I can get a new company tomorrow I'm canceling my reservation!!
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  • What is the website for vegas transportation?  My fiance and I are getting married out there summer 2015 and are starting to look into everything because we are traveling out there this summer to start booking everything in person.

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    It's I changed my reservation to Presidential after reading the terrible reviews for Vegas transportation and the price was actual better.
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  • Glad you changed your limo co! That could of been a disaster!
  • The funny thing is I read a ton of reviews on ALL of my vendors on TK, wedding wire, yelp, etc but didn't do any research on the transportation company! We wanted a party bus instead of a limo and the FI nixed the DD bus so I just went with the company with the pretty pictures. I emailed them to cancel so I would have a record of it but not surprisingly they have not responded. I will call on Monday and based on reviews I fully expect to have to ask my credit card company to cancel the charge. Thank you again for saving us grief on our wedding day. @futuremrsrancourt!!
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  • @futuremrsrancourt adding to the problems with vegas transportation I emailed last week with no response. I called yesterday and the number is disconnected!! They already charged my card so I called the bank to dispute. Thank you again!
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  • @shoebunnie did presidential have a party bus? Or are they just charter and mini coaches? Maybe because I'm looking from mobile but they don't look like party buses. I'm hoping to find a fun party bus that allows us to drink and have a good time. We got a quote from ld tours but I like to shop around
  • Oops I meant elite transportation. I have been looking at too many sites. They are all blurring together
  • They both do. Complete with stripper poles and all! Presidential is $124 an hour for a 24 person party bus. Elite was a little more but I don't remember how much.
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  • Ok thanks! Maybe that's why I got different information, our group looks like t will be bigger.
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