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Photographer = Thief

Hello ladies. I got married back in June 2012 but I wanted to come back and warn you girls about issues that are currently happening. My photographer stole from us. We paid her over 3k for our engagement pictures, wedding day pictures, enlargements, photobooth, and wedding album. Just last December, we finally received our enlargements. Leaving only the wedding album to receive - a 12*12 Acrylic Coffee table. Well all during this time, she has said different lies and excuses for not sending us our products. She has lied about deaths in the family, vacations that last 2 months, among other emergencies. All throughout this time, although they were all lies, I was patient and accepting with her because at the end of the day, everything was already paid so I kept on waiting and following up. I was never able to speak with her over the phone, not even once, because she said she was always in "class" She would answer to my countless texts and emails about 80% of the time but my husband and I were still hopeful. Well, now she disconnected her number and deleted all her facebook pages and website so I am left without my wedding album and with $1500 less in my account - this is how much she charged us for the album. I have no way to get in touch with her and she never responds to her emails. I have contacted a lawyer but they basically said its not worth taking her to trial because these services can cost us around $2,000, money that we cannot afford at the moment. I later tried to open a small claim against her company, but that is also an extra expense for us and we recently just bought our first home, so we cant afford any extra expenses. I just want to warn all of you to please be careful because this is one of the worst things that someone can do to you at anytime, but especially with your wedding products because these are memories that you are never getting back and its money that my husband and I worked really hard for during our planning stage to be able to pay. After researching her name, I saw two other brides that she did this to in the last two years as well!!! I don't know why someone would do this to another person but since she is getting married next year, I'm guessing she decided she needed the money and stealing is the easiest way. Good luck to all of you!
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Re: Photographer = Thief

  • If you're going to post something like this about a photographer you may want to include the name of the company.

    Also, yes the lawyer is right it can cost more than the money you're out but you can also ask the judge that she be responsible for court fees ( meaning no money or very little money out of your pocket)
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