Hangover kits

Bottles of water with stickers that have our wedding logo. Mini burlap bags attached with instant coffee and Advil inside. We aren't formal and we just want a big party. Done and done :p 

Re: Hangover kits

  • Are you using these as welcome bags in a hotel room or favors? I would say if you are looking into this, I would suggest it more as a welcome kit-not really a favor per se. Just my opinion, though. I really do like the idea and might really come in handy. 
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    Yeah, that sounds sweet as a welcome bag in the hotel, but for a favor.....meh. Think about it. Would you ever really want aspirin and water as a little present? Like if you opened your stocking Christmas morning, would you want to find aspirin and water?

    Coffees, I like for favors. 

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  • Every wedding favor I have ever gotten has been worthless to me whether its coffee, coasters, flower seeds, etc. Our wedding is at a winery and these will actually get used. I'm not too worried about it to be honest. People are coming from out of town for the wedding, so i just want them to have fun. :)
  • Ehh, It still screams something you's use for welcome bag. But really, it is your choice either way. I just see it more as a "Oh, in case you get super schwasteed, here's a hangover kit." I mean, idk if I went to a wedding that had 'em as favors, I would see it as more of a gag type of gift, or welcome bag as I have already stated. Have you thought of something edible, you can never go wrong with that.
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    Another vote that it seems more appropriate in a welcome bag for OOT guests.  I agree with you, OP, that most favors are worthless.  That's why we usually suggest edible.  I would find it a bit strange to be walking out of your wedding with some aspirin and water as a favor.  Water should be available at reception anyway and aspirin you can put in a little bathroom basket if you really want.  And the instant coffee.....it's not like the guests can make it right there.

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