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How long are you wearing your dress?

I know this is a weird question...but....Are you ladies going to wear your dress from your ceremony to the reception and after (even if the ceremony and reception are at different places)?  I am asking because I told my FI I was going to wear my dress the whole night!!! In fact my words were..."I'm not taking that b**** off! It's my day and I want everyone to know!!!"  Yes I know that sounds bratty but we pay a lot of money for these dresses for them to only be worn for a 15 minute ceremony.  Anyway, he said I would look silly and people would laugh at me.  What is everyone else doing?

Re: How long are you wearing your dress?

  • I'm keeping mine on. I suspect it isn't uncommon to see wedding dresses all over Vegas. I might change before the party bus after the reception and strip tour. Maybe. Probably not.
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  • All night!
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  • I got a second, short dress (on sale) for after the reception so my dress isn't dragging all over the strip. So I still get to wear my 'real' dress for the ceremony and entire reception. :)

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  • Awesome!!  I'm so glad I'm not the only one!  I'm so excited about finding this site.  You ladies have helped me so much! 

  • I wore mine all night. It was so fun walking through the casinos and everyone would start clapping and saying congratulations...even had people want to take pictures with me.
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  • Im an all nighter too! And the next day at our rock the dress

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  • I wore mine for as long as possible!!!! It was lots of fun walking through the casinos with it on. I wore it to the bar where we had our after party and I didn't get any weird looks. It's pretty common to see lots of bridal parties walking around the Strip.
  • I would like to but we are going to a club after our photo strip tour and I'm worried it would get stepped on or messed up.
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  • I'll wear mine all day... Not taking that B**TCH off either - well, all day at least. Whats the point in spending thousands on it if you're not going to wear the sh,t out of it ;)
    We'll be off clubbing after the reception so will have to changes so I can boogie till the sun comes up!

  • I hate dresses but according to my schedule, it will be going about 2:30pm and it will probably get taken off about 3-4am, had it not been 2 pieces, I would be changing out of it around 11pm because we are going to haze after. I will also have to wear it again at the "home reception" a few weeks later. 
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  • I'll be ordering one of these dresses. we'll be going to either Light or XS :) FI really likes the 2nd dress so I think I'll be going with that one
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  • @Valerirecruz82 , I like the 2nd one too.
    I plan on keeping my dress on all night.
  • As long as possible! As you all said, we are spending a fortunes, so why not get the most out of it!
  • Valerie where are those dresses from?
  • The first one is from prom and the 2nd one I just found on pinterest. I took the photo to my seamstress she's making it for 120 :)
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  • All night!
  • I wore my dress all night. It got in the way and got stepped on a lot but I figured, it's the only day I can wear that dress so I will wear it as long as I possibly can!
  • I am planning to wear my dress all day! It's a full a-line/ballgown so I hope I'll last wearing it in the Vegas heat.  
  • All darned day and night :) I'm short so I'll have a short dress and that'll make it much easier in Vegas!
  • All night!! 
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  • I'm with you, I'm not taking that thing off until we pass out!  When else am I going to be able to wear a wedding dress all night in Vegas?!?!  
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  • All night long, all night, all night lol
  • I've told the fi I'll be wearing mine all night and to break fast the next morning. If not definitely 12 hours since I've paid 100 $ per hour for the thing :)
  • I'm definitely planning on wearing mine all day and night!!! I was at first slightly apprehensive about looking silly walking down the strip etc. As so many people have said, there are so many bride and grooms walking around in Vegas! I'm sure you wouldn't be the only one! :)
  • I feel so much better now!!!  Thanks ladies!!


  • I'd like to say that i will wear it as long as i can...but my dress is HUGE, its big and poofy and the whole nine yards LOL! so in july i will wear it as long as i can stand to wear it! I only paid $50 for my dress so im not concerned about wasting money on it!
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    I found the dress I want in long, and tea length I think they are both perfect for me.i was planning on spending 1000 for my dress and both come to 900 so it leaves money for alterations, I'm hoping to do a reception til 10/11, then quick change into the tea length one to dance the night away with my wedding party. And boy do we like do dance.I'm so excited. And it's sooo far away :( not until fall 2015
  • All night for meeeee!!!
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