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How long did your wedding photos with your spouse and the bridal party take?

Just trying to get a sense of how much time the wedding photos with your spouse and bridal party took. In addition to getting ready photos, church photos, and reception photos, I know that couples often get all of those gorgeous shots with their new spouses and the bridal party.

We are having a wedding in the city and our church is 1.5 miles from our reception space. We are hoping to do photos within that mile and a half radius, so travel time should be minimal. I'm just wondering how long we should anticipate for photos before we go meet everyone at the reception?


Re: How long did your wedding photos with your spouse and the bridal party take?

  • @crackktheskyy

    I am not married yet but I remember my sister's wedding took about 1 and 1/2 hours for pictures. 

    We will be cutting down on the photo time after the ceremony by doing pictures of me with the girls and my parents, etc before the ceremony. Same with my fiance and his side. Then after the ceremony will be the "combined" photos
  • We had about 1.5 hours of bride and groom photos. We had a small WP (3 total) , so those pictures didn't have are long. We did all our photos before the ceremony, which I highly recommend if you're not too attached to tradition.
  • An hour and half is a long time to have your guests waiting on you. I have typically seen an hour, with a hosted cocktail hour during this time. I would try to get everything done within an hour. Prioritize your photos in case you run out of time.

    Typically the people who have these gorgeous shots at multiple locations have done a first look and took the photos before the ceremony. (Or they have an unheated gap, which is extremely rude to do to your guests) We did a first look and went around for 2 hours shooting photos and having fun.
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  • @hlvonb : This is a great recommendation! I like the idea of doing a few with the bridal party and family before the wedding. Thank you!

    @Ven&Radio : Thanks for this suggestion! I'm not too attached to tradition, but my FH is! It's the ONLY request he's made about the entire wedding, so I want to respect it.

    @photokitty : Yes, from the sounds of it, an hour should be good, maybe even less. I don't think we will be traveling around too much. As I mentioned in the original post, my guests will already be at the reception site and we will be meeting them there. We are hosting a 1.5 hour cocktail reception followed by 4.5 hours for dinner and dancing. 

    Thank you all for your feedback.
  • I think ours took about 45 minutes to an hour. Also we had very few pictures taken prior to the ceremony so about 98% of our photos were taken after. Photographers know how to get a lot of pictures/poses done in a short amount of time so an hour is really all you need.

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