Mohegan Sun vs. Foxwoods for a Bachelorette?

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Which casino would you choose for a bachelorette?

Have you attended a bachelorette at the casino or did you have yours there?

I've spent more time in I can't really make an informed decision. 

Thinking of doing a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party with my fiancé, my friends, and his friends.  I heard that Foxwoods has a beach with cabanas you can rent in the summer.  Anyone done this before?

Re: Mohegan Sun vs. Foxwoods for a Bachelorette?

  • my cousins did the co ed party at foxwoods dinner was at california pizza kitchen, then some went to a show or bingo then we all met up later and hung out
  • I prefer Mohegan sun!
  • And what kinds of casino activities would you do at a bachelorette?
  • Besides gambling, lol
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    I've had friends do both, I think Mohegan is a "younger" scene and more fun if you want to have a traditional party/club evening, and Foxwoods is an "older" scene and more fun if you want to drink go out but not necessarily to a loud club (if that makes sense haha).

    Foxwoods has the High Rollers Club, which is actually a super posh place/bowling alley that was fun when we with my friend. You get unlimited play, drinks, and some food for a flat rate. Foxwoods also has a fun comedy club you can go to as well after dinner or the high rollers suite.

    Mohegan has more traditional night clubs, and plenty of fun places to eat at before (from super posh/nice to more low key).

    Also, I suppose if you timed it correctly you could couple the night with a concert/show OR you could do the spa (which is at Foxwoods).
  • I think Mohegan! Margaritaville would be so fun for a bachelorette- then you could head to the dubliner (this is what I would love!). I just love the atmosphere at Mohegan more so than Foxwoods!
  • I went to Mohegan for my best friend's bachelorette and it was awesome! We got two rooms down the road from Mohegan for a lot less and the shuttle was free. Started off at the buffet for dinner and then proceeded to go to the different bars and clubs. It reallly wasn't that expensive and we all had a blast! Definitely recommend it! 
  • Mohegan Hands Down!!!!  Foxwoods is such an older person casino.  Mohegan just re-did their nightclub, avalon, which is awesome, I love it.  Lansdowne is awesome too if you are looking for something a little more low key.  I will tell you to make sure your party is on a saturday night at the casinos, friday nights are generally a bust, additionally, if you pick a date that has a concert there that night, the clubs and bars will be way more fun :) Just some helpful hints, good luck! 

  • mohegan sun most definitely! I live 5 mins from foxwoods and 10 mins from mohegan so i've spent a vast amount of time at both. Foxwoods is better for gambling but mohegan is better, hands down, for everything else. better food (agree with the magaritville party, we're thinking about that for mine), and its so much prettier. Even if you wanna go a little more fancy you have tucany, the bobby flay's Bar Americaino,  they also have Ballo (amazing, resturaunt that turns into a night "club" after. you also have the wolf's den which has free concerts constantly so you may be able to plan for that as well. let me tell you, i cannot stress mohegan enough, so much better than foxwoods.
  • Just another vote for Mehegan. Much younger crowd.
  • Now that Foxwoods has the MGM Grand it is drawing in a younger crowd. We did my sister's bachelorette party there last July. We intended on using the pool but unfortunately it rained, however I've heard they have a great party on Sundays and you're allowed access there even if you're checking out that day. We had a great dinner at Al Dente where we were able to sit at the chef's table which keeps you a little bit separate from the rest of the diners. It was a nice touch, my sister really liked it. We then got bottle service at Shrine and it was packed and had an awesome DJ. I think he actually does weddings too.

    I've always liked Mohegan but they haven't added anything new in a long time. MGM Grand is just a little fresher.

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