So overwhelmed

So my fiance lives in England. We met while he was here studying abroad for a semester and only get to visit eachother every few months. We are getting married in October and I am doing all of the planning by myself because he isn't here. I'm only 20 so none of my friends have experience to help, and my mother and aunts all live a few hours away. 
I also work on weekends and am a full time student. I feel so overwhelmed! 
Does anyone have any advice?? :( 

Re: So overwhelmed

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    first take a breath. Is there a possibility of pushing back the wedding so you have more time to plan and not be so overworked? 

    If it is not possible then I suggest going one step at a time and doing one thing per week. Plan ahead for school stuff and then wedding plan around that. dont try to get everything done at the same time. 

    there is a lot of good advice on these boards so lurk around all the boards and feel free to ask

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    Prepare yourself. Know what you want from your wedding, and your budget. Before I even met with vendors, I emailed them, and told them my ideas and budget, and went with the one I felt knew what I wanted. I only met with my caterer twice, and flowers and cake once, and all were 2-3 months before the wedding. It can be done. When are you getting married? Maybe you can meet with these vendors during your breaks in between semesters. 
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    I would recommend pushing back the wedding if possible so you can have at least a year to plan. 
    Buy a planner and keep track of school assignments, work hours and wedding checklists and deadlines. Get a cheap binder and use it to store all your wedding information, such as venue quotes, florist & limo suggestions, bridal boutiques, etc. Decide your budget early on with your fiance and/or your parents - who's paying for what, how much are you willing to spend. Then talk to your fi and think about what sort of wedding you both want - casual, traditional, type of location. You can also gauge how involved he wants to be! To repeat what the other ladies suggested: the simpler, the better! Having no bridesmaids/groomsmen, limiting guests to family and close friends, having simple centerpieces will help in the long run! 

    I would recommend researching venues online and try to do as much as you can through phone and email. Narrow down venues that way and just visit one or two. Just because your fiance and family are far away mean they can't help out! Email links and photos! Skype! Let your friends know you need help too, they will probably be excited to go to venues, dress shopping or pick out flowers with you too! And when in doubt, post here! Good luck!!
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