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Did you sleep together or apart pre-Wedding Night?


Re: Did you sleep together or apart pre-Wedding Night?

  • I asked FI about this last night, and he said he didn't see why it would be a problem to sleep together the night before and I told him that's fine as long as he skedaddles before I start getting ready.  I think it would be easier to stay somewhere else so all  of my stuff is ready to go and he doesn't see any of it, but we can figure that out.  

  • We live in separate homes, and the night before, I'll be staying at the hotel we'll stay at that weekend. My adult daughter will stay with me. I want the element of surprise for the wedding the next day. We don't spend too many nights together (like 15 a year) so I'm sure I'll have to get used to him next to me after we get married :)
  • We dont live together and I plan on having a bridal suite close to the venue and sleep there the night before the wedding with my maid of honor. My mom, photographer and videographer will be there as the pampering begins.
  • Hey giuz I'm famous! This was in the Knott newsletter!
  • We are sleeping apart. My Mom has booked a hotel room for Bridesmaid, my Mom, and I  so we could have one last girls night before the big day =)
  • We have been going back and forth about this. We're having a destination wedding and will be arriving the day before to our condo. Our ceremony won't be until 6pm because it'll be an hour before sunset on the beach. I don't really want to spend the whole night before and day of our wedding not with him. I am hoping to sleep in the same room that night, have breakfast together then meet up with my MOH early afternoon to get our hair done. When it's time to get dressed I figure I'd send him to visit his family and hopefully MOH can drive me down the road to the beach.

    He likes the idea of not seeing me though and wants me to stay with my MOH and her boyfriend in their hotel. That feels weird to me. Plus as the bride I have more to do to get ready and want to get ready in our condo not someone else's cramped hotel room.

    So it's up in the air. I'm leaning to sleeping together.
  • My fiance lives at home with his parents and I have my own apartment... he stays with me on the weekends. We plan to find a place to rent a few months before the wedding and I will live there until we get married. So my idea of keeping things special for us to move in together is for him to not stay there with me until we are married.. no sleepovers. That way after we're married it will definitely be our own home together. We'll spend our first night there together on our wedding night and wake up our first day as Mr. & Mrs. in 'OUR' new home. I have always wanted to wait to move in together until I was married.. but weekend sleepovers now still give us that chance to see how one another live. We are sooo excited for this new journey in our lives! I can't wait to wake up to him each morning! :)
  • We live together, but the wedding is about 1.5 hours away from our city. We'll be going down a few days before, and will stay at my parent's house. The night before the wedding, I will sleep at my parents, and he will stay in a hotel with either some buddies or his family. He's the one that doesn't want to see me before the ceremony, so once I leave my parent's house to go to the hair salon, he and the groomsmen (and dads, ring bearers, etc) will go there to get ready.
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  • We will be staying in separate places the night, and possibly several nights, prior to the wedding. We are getting married about 6 hrs away from our home and have a lot of OOT guests so I'm sure one will be staying in the HS with our girls and one with their MOH. The nights apart prior to our wedding is the only part I'm dreading. :-(
  • Sleeping apart.  My fiance and are saving the first time we sleep together for our wedding night :-)
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    My FI and I will not be sleeping together the night before. I guess we are old fashion and want to have that longing. That way the excitement will be that much more when we see each other when I walk down that aisle towards my forever. So most likely I will stay at my folks house who only live 1/2 a mile from our church and he will stay in our new place that we will be renting. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Oct 4th 2014 can't come soon enough.
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  • My fiancé and I have been dating for over 5 years (high school sweethearts) and we have not yet slept together (or with anyone else for that matter). Because we are both Christians and we've trusted God to control and maintain our relationship and desires, we are both SUPER excited in anticipation of our wedding night, knowing that our long (and sometimes difficult) years of waiting will result in incredible blessings that will continue long into our marriage!
  • I'll be going to my parents house the Thursday before our wedding on Saturday to take care of last minute stuff. He's going to come up on Friday to help set up and for the rehearsal then he's going home and coming back on Saturday. There won't be a lot of room at my parents house.
  • We both committed ourselves to purity until marriage, and so we will (as always) sleep apart until our wedding night. It makes the beauty and importance of the day and marriage so great and we are so excited to finally be committed completely to each other!
  • We will sleep apart, since we will live together only after we're married. It'll make it more special :)
  • We don't live together and have yet to sleep together so the Wedding Night will be a first for us both!
  • My fiance and I are both virgins, and are saving our first night together for our wedding night. It's going to be so special :)
  • We will be sleeping apart the night before the wedding just to up the excitement. I will miss him but I'll be hanging with my bridesmaids and mother.
  • My fiance and I have lived together for the last 2 years. We just bought a house and are moving in the weekend before the wedding. So needless to say, we are looking forward to being in our house. We will absolutely be staying together the night before! And we are even doing first look pictures right before the ceremony. I'm not so much concerned about him seeing me the day of the wedding...more him seeing me in the dress before our first look moment!
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    My fiancé and I have never lived together in 9 years of dating, and have been working very hard to save sex for our marriage. So naturally, we will not be sleeping together before our wedding. I know it's not the norm, but we believe that sex within the context of marriage is sacred, and we truly believe that it will be most rewarding that way :)
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  • We live together and will be sleeping together the night before.  We do not like sleep apart.  We are actually getting married at our house so we will be getting ready at the same place.  But, we already decided the guys will be in the basement and the girls upstairs getting ready.  I don't want him to see me in my dress until I walk down the aisle.  

    Also, I spent the night apart from my first husband and see how that turned out.  :-)
  • FH lives in the UK and I live in Canada, so we're used to being apart, sadly. We don't get to see eachother more than a few times a year which is really hard, but we're using that to our advantage! I will be visiting him over christmas/new years (and staying with him obviously) but thats going to be the last time until we are married in July. When he comes over for the wedding we won't be staying together (no sleeping, no sex) until we are married. While I'm not superstitious, the fact that it will be over 6 months will just add to the suspense. Although we've talked about it and we're under no illusions that it's going to be the night of... probably going to be exhausted after the party! 
  • We slept apart. I went to my mom's the night before, as a bunch of us were getting our hair done the next morning- made it easier logistic-wise. 
  • Same as usual. We'll sleep in the same bed (we're staying at a hotel the night before and after the wedding, we won't pay for 2 rooms). A king-sized bed is pure bliss !
  • My FI and I live together but we both decided we wanted to sleep separately the night before to make the day special (we also don't want to see each other till I walk down the aisle). His parents live close to the church, so after the rehearsal dinner he is staying at his parents house with most of his groomsmen and I am staying at the hotel where we booked the room block with some, if not all, of my bridesmaids. We are getting ready from the hotel, so it just worked out really well that way. 
  • We have been living together since 2007 and have only been engaged for about 3 weeks but w want to keep it all traditional so we will be sleeping seperate from each other.
  • We don't live together, so it's natural that we will be sleeping at our childhood bedrooms for the last time in our lives! :)
  • FI and I are renting a lake house for the weekend right near our venue so most likely we'll spend the night together before the ceremony (we get the house Friday through Sunday, Saturday ceremony). My girlfriends want me to sleep over with them but I have a really hard time falling asleep anywhere besides my own bed and I know they'll keep me up until all hours of the night. I don't do well on little sleep and I know FI won't want me being a grumpy gus the day of our wedding.
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