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Did you sleep together or apart pre-Wedding Night?


Re: Did you sleep together or apart pre-Wedding Night?

  • My fiance and I live together, and we've been debating this topic! He wants to sleep apart the night before, to preserve not seeing me in the morning and build excitement. I'd rather sleep together, because I have trouble sleeping when I'm nervous, and so having him there (which is normal to me) will help keep me calm and relaxed. I appreciate the tradition of not seeing each other the night before, but I don't want to lose quality sleep either. So, we're still debating!...
  • FI and I live together, but I'll be staying at my parents' house (about 20 mins away, haha) for that week leading up to our Saturday wedding.  I'll miss him, but what's a week out of a lifetime? 
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  • I think our plan now is to get a hotel room for him and me the night before and the night of the wedding.  His family lives about 5 hours away and is iffy about driving up, so I think we will let them have our house for the weekend to entice them to make the drive and attend the wedding.  The venue I really want has a bridal room so he won't see me getting ready, and he can get ready at the hotel or the house. 

  • My H slept at our house and I stayed at the hotel. All but one of my bridesmaids ended up staying at the hotel with me. I know a lot of people don't like this, but I never asked any of the girls to stay. I told all of them I was getting 2 hotel rooms (since that's where we got ready for the wedding), and to please arrive by 9 the next day since that's when the hair and make-up artists were coming. They all wanted to stay and I'm so happy they did because we ended up having a fun girls night and going in the hot tub.
  • We are going to be sleeping apart. He will be staying at our house with his best man / brother, and I will be staying at the venue in my parents' room. After the rehearsal dinner, the next time we see each other will be when I walk down the aisle!
  • We live together but we are going to be spending the night apart. I've offered for the bridesmaids to stay with me (two of which are from out of town) in our house if they'd like to after the rehearsal dinner. Two of the groomsmen offered for my FI to stay with them, as well as his mom offered - but I think he's going to elect to stay in a hotel room, which is fine with me.
  • We are having a destination wedding in Hawaii and have a daughter. We will stay together the night before our wedding. Have breakfast and then part ways until I walk down the isle.
  • Most likely we'll stay together the night before. Right now we're planning on spending the day of getting ready together as well. We've lived together for 9 years, it seems weird to split up for this one day because tradition. 
  • My FI and I live together, and we are planning a wedding at one of the local beaches (slightly toying with maybe a destination?) but still, the "local" beaches are 1 - 1 1/2 hrs away so we planned on getting the hotel for the whole weekend. Either he or I will be crashing in his parents' suite the night before so we each have a room to get ready in. It will probably be me so we don't have to worry about magically switching the dress from FMIL's room to ours without FI seeing.
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