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Table numbers using photos

For the table numbers, I wanted to use pictures of my fiance and I at the age of the designated table number (table 1, photo of each of us at 1 years old, etc.) but I will only have about 12-15 tables, so the photos wouldn't go up to our current ages (28). Would it look silly to stop at 15 years old? I like this idea but it just seems odd. Are there any other ideas that incorporate photos?

Re: Table numbers using photos

  • I think it's fine, and you don't need to have 28 table numbers.  Just be sure to have actual numbers on the tables as well.

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  • You don't have to have consecutive table numbers. If you have 15 tables you can do 15 ages, but they don't have to be ages 1-15. I mean, I'd think a couple baby pics, a bunch of years of school, then maybe your 16th bdays, age 18 could be high school graduation time, age 21, maybe some other time in your 20s, and your engagement picture for age 28, for example. 
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