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Multiple cakes?

We were thinking about not doing a traditional wedding cake and just buying a few different flavored cakes from a store like Costco, and keeping them hidden in the back until it is time for dessert.  This will be a way for us to cut cost, since a lot of the money you pay for wedding cakes is for the time it takes to decorate them.  We are expecting around 75 people and I was thinking about having 3 or 4 different types of cakes, or maybe even adding pies to the mix... thoughts?

Re: Multiple cakes?

  • This is a great idea to save money. If you have different flavors, you should get extra so people can have one of each.
  • Good call!  You just made me think of another idea....I think my wedding website lets me post a poll... maybe I could have a poll for people's favorite cake flavor?  Although I won't get an exact number, it will at least give me a general idea of what flavors to get the most of.  Or maybe that is kind of a weird thing to put on a wedding website lol.
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    I wouldn't poll people.

    Many people who have traditional wedding cakes have different flavors in each tier which means that there isn't enough of each flavor for each guest. The main thing is that you need enough cake for every person regardless of the flavor. I would get 3 well like by the masses flavors and maybe 2 more unique flavors.

  • make sure you have enough cake to feed everyone you said you have 75 guest and you were thinking like 3 different flavors. standard round cake will feed up to 10

    unless u did some smaller square cakes and like a half sheet cake
  • Ok thanks. I was going to get multiple cakes of popular flavors like chocolate, etc. that way more than 10 people can have that flavor... unless you think its a better idea to do every cake a different flavor?
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