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Photography issues...

So my future mother in law is paying for my photographer. I was looking for one budget friendly. She found one, its her B.F.F.'s brother in law. He said he would do my photos for free. He used to be a photographer but has since changed his profession. IDK what to do. Should I have this guy take photos of my wedding? Am I being a brat if I want someone else? My fear is that I let him take my photos and I am not happy with any of them. This is my wedding day, and I would like beautiful photos. How do I approach this with my future mother in law?

Re: Photography issues...

  • I would just be honest with her and tell her your concerns. If shes set on using him ask to see a portfolio. All professional photographers will have one. If shes stuck on using him would you be willing to pay for one out of pocket and have 2 photographers? (assuming the second guy would be willing some photographers will say in their contracts that you may only use them.)
  • @polinah Thanks for the advice!
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