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Cake center pieces

Anyone else doing small cakes for center pieces, or seen this done well? I'm in need of some good ideas of how to pull this off :) any ideas/pictures would be great help!

Re: Cake center pieces

  • I know someone who did this.  It looked nice, but personally, I thought it was a HUGE waste of cake.  Let's say a table has 8 people- 8 people are not going to eat a whole cake by themselves.
  • It has been probably 4 or 5 years ago now but there was a MOB here who was a pro pastry chef and did this for her DD's wedding. She stressed over and over that a 6 inch layer cake was PLENTY for this and not to go bigger. She used 4 old style champaign glasses, not flutes, turned upside down, as the base to set the cake on. I would have loved to do this for one of my girls but they did not choose it.
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I've seen pictures of it and heard girls talking about it, but I've never seen it done personally. I think it could be cute, but would the guests at the table have to cut and serve the cake to themselves? That could get messy.
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    My sister did cupcakes for centerpieces (she also had traditional cake) in the shape of a floral arrangement. They were much cheaper than traditional flowers.


  • We're not doing cakes in the center, but we are doing dessert towers on every table. Everyone can have a little bit of everything then. :)
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