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Wedding Makeup Dilemma

I am getting married in a very small town in Missouri and am having a terrible time finding a makeup artist. To get a good one to travel to my small town it is going to cost over $250 for me alone! The only solution I can come up with is getting my makeup done at Ulta the day of the wedding. This will be about an hour drive there and an hour drive back on the day of my wedding. Is it worth it or should I just give in and do my own makeup or pay the $250? Also does anyone have experience getting their makeup done at Ulta? Do they do a good job? Thanks!

Re: Wedding Makeup Dilemma

  • I couldn't imagine having to spend 2 hours in a car on my wedding day. I know nothing about Ulta, but even if it's the best makeup job EVER, with so much going on, I don't think I would have the patience for 2 hours in the car. I also don't think I would spend $250.00 to get it done. Maybe just buy yourself some nice products, and watch some youtube demos!? That's what I would do. I haven't even started doing any research about a makeup artist, so I might end up with the same issue. Good luck!
  • I had some of my own issues with figuring out if I wanted a makeup artist or not. If you are good at doing your own makeup why not do it yourself? Go to Ulta and ask them about tutorials and then just practice, practice, practice!
  • YouTube also has really great tutorials.

    Honestly, half of the battle is having the right products and right brushes.  Go to Ulta or Sephora and have them help you pick products that will last all day and the correct brushes to use to get the look you want.

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  • Honestly, I believe that your wedding day look should be a major splurge area of your wedding budget. You want to be stress free, and feel like the ultimate version of yourself. You will have the photos forever once the day is over. I feel that it is worth it if you can budget it in.
  • Definitely splurge and get it done professionally!
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