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My fiance is from serbia and he is not in the country yet. We are working on the visa stuff now, has anyone gone through this? the waiting stuff sucks.  I could use some positive words. thanks kim

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    I was engaged to a man I met in Africanm but due to Visa issues it didn't work... Just not meant to be, because now I am happily engaged to someone else and he is married and happy as well! America does not make it easy for people to get here... this was after Sept 11th and it didn't help he is from a poor country.But I do have a friend who met a guy from Gambia in Madison where they live who was here on a student then work visa. But eventually that was going to run out so they pushed up their wedding date. She and him went through LOTS of hoops to finally make it final. It is exactly what the movies make it seem but worse. They had character references from people, proof of a mutual bank account, photos of them throughout their relationship, photos of the wedding, etc etc. It took several months after the wedding but they are good to go now. He isn't a citizen but he has the green card and citizenship is next.So just from that you do have a battle ahead of you, but love is worth fighting for, so good luck!
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    When I was 22 I met a charming guy from Ireland. 6 months after we met we got the crazy idea in our young heads to get married. We went through all the fiance visa, INS interviews, etc. He had to go back to Ireland for 6 months and when the visa came through he came back to WI and we got married. It was a great learning experience but needless to say at that age he wasn't ready for the committment and maturity a marriage needed. But to encourage you about the visa process, it's frustrating as hell and it seems to take forever and cost a lot of money, but love is worth it!! When my ex and I were separated we wrote to eachother everyday, I had boxes of love letters. It was a great time in our relationship. If you ever have any questions, just let me know.
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