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courthouse wedding?

HI! Has anyone ever had/ attended/ knows anyone who has had a courthouse wedding in ri? If so, do you know what courthouses do ceremonies? Ive looked online and all I can find info about is the signing of the marriage license, but no info on having the ceremony. Thanks!

Re: courthouse wedding?

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    I work with 2 people that had this type of wedding.  I know both occurred in Providence.  I think it might have been at city hall?  If you call your local city hall, I would think someone in the department that issues marriage licenses could tell you where you can have a courthouse or city hall wedding in the state.
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    One of our friends did this.  When you go to city hall and apply for a wedding license, you can ask them for info.  They will have a schedule and rates and you can just book whatever is convenient for you.  There's usually a reserved room where ceremonies are performed.
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    Judge Martinelli,  the Probate court judge in Providence does an amazing job and the inside/exterior of the court house is stunning for photos!
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    Hi- do you or does anyone have a photo of the office/room where these are preformed? This would help me to decide if this is for us. Thanks! Also, if you'd prefer to send me a photo privately rather than posted on the forum, I'll give you my email.
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