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Hey guys, so I'm a march 2014 bride (coming up quick) and I have really been struggling over the past year to get in shape. I have lost 15lbs and now trying to lose the last 8-10lbs. After sooo long I feel like I've finally gotten in the habit of working out and basically eating less crap. I just wanted to share a program I found that has been kicking but for me. It's a program that provides (or I guess tells you lol) to do 6 small meals a day and then a 30 minute workout. Its basically all about portion control with each of your meals. Anyways, first week in, down 4 lbs - which I DO think is water weight some perhaps but but I am feeling great on 6 small meals, there's an accountability group on Facebook as well. If your interested in the program let me know!! Xoxo good luck future brides!
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