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I want to hear about the food you're having at your weddings! I'm a super foodie (who's trying to rein herself in for the wedding [read..."no duck, lamb or anything too crazy allowed"]) and LOVE to hear about other's menus!

Cocktail hour:
-- Pork belly sliders
-- Shrimp and mango salsa cups
-- Something fresh with fruit (I'm against fruit skewers but we want something fresh!)

-- Caesar salads and bread on the table

-- Grill Station
-Grilled Vegetable Medley
-Grilled chicken (we're thinking of doing a Caribbean Jerked chicken...something more unusual than just grilled chicken...any thoughts?)
- Roasted red jacket potatoes 

-- Carving Station
- Marinated Flank Steak
- Chimichurri (to put on the steak if you want)
- Corn and black bean salsa (again to put on the steak, and as a side)

--"New Orleans Station" (We spent a week in NOLA and got engaged at the end of the we love the food!)
- Crab cakes with lemon/caper remoulade
- Creole/BBQ shrimp (basically an awesome "gravy" made out of butter, Worcestershire sauce, beer, garlic and deliciousness...)
- Red beans and rice

We're also having an open beer/wine bar...FI and I love craft beer so we're going to have a selection of 4-5 craft beers (Fat Tire, Monk in the Trunk, Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan, etc...) as well as some good red and white wine!

--Wedding Cake (French Vanilla Cake w/different filling in the layers)
- Strawberry/white chocolate filling
- Bavarian cream/chocolate mousse filling
- Cheesecake mousse filling
- Strawberry/bavarian cream filling

I feel like we have a TON of food once I typed that all out! We are expecting to have about 150+ guests though...

What're y'all having for food?! I love seeing other's menus!

Re: Menu...

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    No duck or lamb??? Pfft! haha. It all sounds delicious! I was dead-set against having a chicken entrée because it's not my thing and most of our guests who would choose chicken also like duck or beef. But I did cave on a chicken hors d'oeuvre to compensate.

    We're doing the following:

    Cocktail Hour hors d'oeuvres:
    Slow roasted Pork Belly with Estate Beer Mustard
    Oysters on the Half Shell with Traditional Garnish
    Marinated Chicken Satays with Triple Crunch Aioli
    Trio of Savory Tarts: Roasted Better & Chèvre; Mushroom & Double Smoked Bacon; Candied Apple & Blue Benedictine
    Cheese Board

    Appetizer: Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with a Seared Sea Scallop and Pesto Drizzle

    Entree (choice of):
    Cumbrae Beef Tenderloin, Blue Haze, Roasted Cipollini Jus
    Duck Confit, Poached Cherry Gastrique
    (both of the above served with seasonal local veggies and Yukon potatoes)
    Mushroom Risotto

    Dessert: Vanilla Crème Brulée, Candied Apple Chutney, Apple Crisp

    We're also having a dessert table featuring a croquembouche; salted caramel and lavender macaron; glazed mini doughnuts with edible coral glitter; and a 6" cutting cake which is country apple spice cake with a sweetened goat cheese filling/frosting.

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    Your menus sound so fancy! We went with

    whole roasted hog(cut up in pans so I dont have to look at sn entire pig all night)
    Dinner rolls
    Garden salad
    Potato salad
    Pasta salad
    Baked beans
    Cake with 3 layers
         Top tier carrot with cream cheese frosting filling
          Middle tier red velvet with cream cheese frosting filling
         Bottom tiet marble with cream cheese frosting filling
         All tiers will have cream cheese frosting and it willhave a fondont outer layer in several different designs
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    We wanted fancy but the hog was so much more budget friendly.  Truthfully I always thought a hog would be a neat idea anyway, and its yummy food too!
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    tammym1001tammym1001 member
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    We haven't completely finalized our menu yet, but this is what we're leaning towards: 

    Cocktail hour: 
     - Water chestnuts wrapped in bacon 
     - Chicken Sate w/ teriyaki sauce 
     - Sauerkraut balls (regional favorite so I have to) 
     - Crab stuffed mushrooms 
     - Pork egg rolls 
     - Jumbo iced shrimp 
     - Cheese, fruit and veggie display 
     - Gourmet club salad w/ rolls 
    Carving station: 
     - Prime Rib with au jus 
     - Grilled breast of chicken with portabella cabernet reduction 
    - Grilled salmon with Lime Beurre Blanc 
     - Cheese crusted herb mashed potatoes 
     - Steamed veggies 
     - Fresh sliced mozzarella and plum tomatoes 
    - a pasta (haven't decided yet) 
     - vanilla cake w/ banana cream filling and buttercream frosting 
    - chocolate cake w/ chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting 
    - chocolate covered strawberries 
     - Premium bar, beer, wine, and soda 
     - coffee station after dinner  

    We're also going to have a champagne greeting when guests arrive to the ceremony (ceremony and reception are happening in the same place).
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    @klc09d - I kept thinking we weren't going to have enough food either until I typed it all out here. It's way more than what I was thinking there was. LOL 

    We're also hosting an after party with more food. Everyone will be stuffed!

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    I'll get back to this post in a few weeks when we sit down and do this with our venue/caterer lol! I feel like everyone is going to be stuffed by the time cocktail hour is over - when we went to our tasting we filled up on the passed food and by the time we sat down for the dinner we could hardly eat lol



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    We're having a morning wedding with a breakfast reception. Breakfast is our favorite meal & some of my favorite memories are at fancy church breakfasts as a kid. We aren't having a "cocktail hour", but we might do a treat bar before/during the ceremony with donuts, iced coffee, iced tea and water.

    -layered breakfast torta (omelet, veggies and cheese baked in thin layer of pastry)
    -red skin breakfast potatoes
    -bacon & sausage links
    -fruit display
    -juices and coffee
    -vanilla cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese icing


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    @sarahsmiles326 That breakfast wedding menu sounds so yummy!



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    @artteacher23 thank you! We originally had french toast but it would have cost a whopping $900 extra to rent ovens to cook it on site. I wasn't going to pay $900 for $150 french toast lol.


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    No duck or lamb??? Pfft! haha. It all sounds delicious! I was dead-set against having a chicken entrée because it's not my thing and most of our guests who would choose chicken also like duck or beef. But I did cave on a chicken hors d'oeuvre to compensate

    I am obsessed with duck and lamb! Unfortunately FI was adamant that no one in his sizable family would touch lamb or duck. To which my response was, well I'll eat it all!

    So we're trying to compromise, and having chicken, but trying to make the chicken non-boring chicken :)

    @dluberts I LOVE whole hog roasts! Our family friends do BBQ competitions and I would have loved for them to do a roast, they're SO delicious!

    @tammym1001 exactly! I was typing and typing and typing and was just like "holy crap that's a lot more than I thought!" And I love after parties with more food, that sounds like a lot of fun!

    Everyone's menu's sounds awesome! I'm loving the variety, and now I'm totally craving breakfast, BBQ pork, and wedding cake...and it's 8am lol!
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    Our "cocktail hour" is pretty simple. Just your standard veggies and dip, salsa, tortilla chips, cheese and assorted fruits. We are having a bit more fun with our buffet dinner menu and wanted the food to match the atmosphere, which is southern, country, casual :)

    For dinner we have 3 entree options of Fried Chicken, Baked Ham, and Crab Balls (we are in southern MD, have to incorporate Blue Crabs somehow!)

    Our sides are going to be roasted red potatoes and green beans, cole slaw, macaroni shrimp salad, pickled beets, peaches, and applesauce. 

    If we are going to be "fancy" anywhere, it's dessert. I'm having a 3 tier strawberry cake with strawberry fruit filling and vanilla buttercream icing. Also, 2 different cupcake flavors including sourcream cake with blueberry filling and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, almond macaroons, and my favorite part, mini chocolate eclairs!!! I think I'm more excited for the eclairs than I am for the cake!
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    vmj23vmj23 member
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    For our cocktail hour we get 2 display stations: Fondue Bar (assorted breads, cheeses, tomato fondue etc) and a second that has Italian meats/cheeses, olives, breadsticks, etc.  

    7 passed hors d'oeurves:

    Crispy truffled mac & cheese balls

    Miso glazed shrimp

    Bacon wrapped scallops

    Mini BLTs

    BBQ chicken sliders

    Buffalo Chicken bites

    Beef tenderloin on crostini


    For the reception:

    Tomato and Basil Tarte Tartin Salad

    Choice of:

    Pan Roasted chicken breast served with mushroom fricassee in pastry, roasted asparagus

    Filed Mignon with truffled potato roll and sauted grape tomato's and French beans




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    We had our menu meeting today!! I'm so hungry just thinking about it all! COCKTAIL HOUR Taste of Italy Station: Penne with Basil Pesto Italian Cheese Selection, Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella, Tuscan White Bean Salad Seasonal Grilled Vegetables, Artichoke Hearts Marinated Mushrooms, Assorted Green & Black Olives Focaccia & Italian Bread Cheese, Fruit & Crudité Station: Assortment of International Cheese, Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Homemade Fresh-Baked Bread & Crackers served with Hummus & Herb Dip HORS D”OEUVRES Beef Carpaccio with Country Mustard on Crostini Cheeseburger Sliders Salmon Pastrami with Cream Cheese & Capers on Pumpernickel Mini Fried Chicken & Waffles with Maple Syrup Goat Cheese Herb Frittata Eden Salad Crostini Fig, Honey, Fontina & Lavender in Phyllo Tomato Soup & Mini Grilled Cheese DINNER



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    @artteacher23  we ordered the same style from wpd! Too funny!
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    @dluberts I actually made it myself - found a similar if not almost exact flower graphic and I'm just printing them on blank index cards to go in thos 99cent double sided ikea frames with the table name on the other side!



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